Bloody Hill


TRAILER Justice will be Served

Juan talks with Nino on the situation with Secretary of State Candidate Rachel Hamm, California GOP push back and vote fraud.

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  1. This was a notable Juan ;)! I had seen Rachael do a quick video on her YTube after she had made her speech; the shenanigans are now in plain sight and even by the Grand Ole Party?!? How about we rename them The Guilty Old Pirates! Thank you Juan for giving us hope in Commiefornia, like you said “it went Red as a friggin’ neon light!”. The dynamic between David & The Boss Cowboy is always my fave!
    Praying for all of you Justice Warriors that Divine Intervention will carry us beyond The Red Sea Moment into Absolute Victory! All Praise and Glory to our Heavenly Father as more gets exposed daily and HIS PLAN unfolds, in YESHUA HAMASHIACH’’S Name, H A L L E L U J AH!

    1. What happened to Juan saying military did fraud reports on election and they had all evidence? Now he says we need to go through court systems that Juan says is also fixed…so ya sounds like military isnt doing shit to make the bastards pay and another election fraud is coming.
      Why is no one doing anything about the fake Biden being president??? Our military is just letting a fake Imposter play president??? WTF?

  2. Yes things are being done. Yes things are going to get even more bumpy.but I can feel the frustration just like you. Goin on 2 years now. And your right we do not have years. We have this year. Don’t know if you follow Phil Lewinsky if not check him out very interesting.yes we have have the Democrats and Rhinos and there many yes Elon bought Twitter we are taking back the narrative I trust God 100 percent and that’s it. Bible says it’s not what we say or do.we will be known by are fruits meaning are actions

  3. 107, talks in circles on purpose. I truly enjoy watch/listening to him!

    But any one notice the name on the building out Juan’s window?

    Treasure Island!

    One of Juan’s “MO’s” is to put his real intel in the last few minutes of his shows.

    His show “The Book of Easter” really was loaded in the last 20 or so minutes!

  4. I am so, so glad to listen to this interview. Better here than on YouTube! Following every single word and inference. Not much I can do from my position on Earth but I offer prayers and faith with full assurance that we will prevail. God bless you and thank you for your courage.

  5. Huge fan of Juan’s information but Juan you really can’t blame people for saying nothing is going to happen. The only significant high profile arrest so far is Maxwell and none of her co-conspirators have been arrested.
    Let’s be real. You just told us that the midterms probably won’t be what we need.
    Machines are still in place for 99% of counties and its looking like too little too late is being done about them.
    There are ZERO high profile criminals in prison.
    I think it’s fair to say that America is at a simmering steady boiling point. That boiling point is going to explode if midterms are cheated. I believe that is the LAST goalpost move Americans are going to tolerate.
    Honestly, Trump told us before the election they were going to cheat. They did. Now we are facing the SAME cheating all over again and not one high level person is in prison. This is inexcusable to ALLOW this to continue. If the good guys can’t fix this then we have a duty as Americans to fix it ourselves. If need be we will tear down the whole sytem to fix it. It is completely unrealistic to expect us to stand by and let it happen again. I predict that if something doesn’t change soon this will erupt in violence. Talk is cheap… and nobody is shown to be in prison. Poison is still being dispersed and children are being injured or killed by it.
    It’s time for transparency from the white hats or arrests need to be made ending in massive punishment. Its past time for action and action will occur I believe one way or another.