Bloody Hill

The Lone Ewe

Not even bothered by the bulls of Bashan

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  1. This lone Ewe is not bothered by the bulls of Bashan.
    The bull; i.e. the Ox is the banner of Ephraim. However Ephraim is in the winepress as we speak for their wickedness and idolatry.
    Planet worship is idolatry. As is Tammuz worship. This Country is paying the consequences of their actions and lack of concern for The One that can destroy both body and soul. Their iniquities have reached heaven. He punishes those He loves, and has put up with an accursed name long enough. Seek, and you shall find. Ask and He will answer.
    He sure answered me.
    This Country has forsaken the 10 commands; removed them from the courts and schools. Set up Baphomet in their place, who is speaking out on this?
    I am, right now and have been for quite some time. Will you?
    If you say we only have to keep two laws, you would be wrong. To keep the first one properly, you must keep the first four. To keep the last one properly, you must keep the last six.
    There were two Yashua’s/Jesus’. One died for us, the other was Barabbas. Bar-abbas means Son of The Father’s. The abstract church Father’s. The other is the only begotten Son. The second Adam created.


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