Bloody Hill


The Fight to Restore America with Juan O Savin on Nino Rodriguez.

This interview was banned on another social media platform. The Fight to Restore America with Juan O Savin on Nino Rodriguez.

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  1. I just watched “… It’s About to Get Really Bumpy (Video)” on beforeitsnews. I really enjoyed the program – especially what Juan had to say.

    In particular, the idea that “we all need to do what we can to help take our country back” really resonates with me. I do my best to engage with the “hater” types. I often suggest to them that spewing crap like “they’ll all get away with it”, “nothing is happening”, and “we’re all doomed” contributes less than zero to a positive outcome to anything. Such negativity can, and likely does, actually do harm.

    If we can just bridge those gaps – reach out to those with whom we disagree (minus the vitriol), we at least have a chance to open more eyes – eyes that are currently closed tight.

    As an aside; i wonder if Juan has any experience with one of my favorites – the BMW Z8? Very cool car, IMHO.

  2. Good for Nino calling out Juan at the beginning and shame on Juan for laughing like he did at the beginning of the interview. Those of us who are awake don’t need anymore dumb clues and what not. Only the awake are going through and experiencing the psychological warfare. So can the country be saved or not? Americans being slowly bankrupted isn’t a laughing matter JUAN.

    1. You hit the nail on the head ! He is driving around in whatever the heck he pleases. He stays in the presidential sweet . Then laughs at us like we didn’t work our entire lives also.
      Juan you are becoming a fear monger faster than not. The worst thing is not knowing. You both sit there and laugh like high schoolers ! I don’t even know why I watch ? I swore you off , this time it may be for good . God is my savior and peace . He brings me tranquility . You do the opposite . “””” oh NINO give them some HOPIUM!” You’ve got to be kidding me?

  3. Keep your chin up and I’m fuckiing laughing my ass off. Stop being a drama queen. Juan is correct, these fuckers are all still sleeping. Stay on Rumble and Telegram

  4. I love you Juan. But you probably shouldn’t comment on Haiti gold mines if you don’t have actual information. I have lived there for 6 years, since 2013. The local joke in Haiti is that Haitians have gold in the bricks of their homes because it’s everywhere. Most of them don’t know what they have. There is also uranium and petroleum and high quality marble. These things aren’t used because of politics. And people who have them are afraid to let anyone know because they will then be targets and lose their land. I toured a gold mine up in the hills of Gonaives several years ago. I am not sure if this is the one Rodham owned? It was not working because someone, again due to politics, got angry and broke a processing machine. From that day on, in the 1980’s, the mine has just sat there. The people literally can pick up rocks off the ground with gold in them but won’t do anything with them because of fear. They took me in this mine where trucks were still parked and equipment sat there. It was like it was when it stopped…surreal. And the people in the village who used to work the mines for whomever, were so sad, begging me to help them get it going again because their 13 year olds were going to the city to be prostitutes. The problem with Haiti is that they are waiting for others to rescue them. They will literally sit and wait while their child is trafficked instead of picking up rocks with gold in them to use to get out. They don’t critically think. So no, they “would be rich if they really had it” is not a true statement. The problems in Haiti run very deep and go all the way back to slavery and the slave mentality they still live under and the corrupt people who use and abuse them, from ours and other countries.

  5. Nino. Roosevelt retired in Hot Springs. So the question is who was the sperm donor of William Jefferson Blyth Clinton?
    Piglosi was “miss Lube Rack” in 1958. No kidding. Look it up.

  6. In the past few years, my family has been through several life threatening situations. It has been really tough. A near death experience is not something you want to rush into. What Juan is talking about will happen soon enough, Nino. God has given us the luxury of TIME TO PREPARE.

    You are a professional athlete, and you know how to train. It’s ok to spar with Juan in a good natured way, but we really need insight and encouragement. Help us by teaching us how to fight!

  7. #WWG1WGA #NCSWIC #SAVETHECHILDRENNOWGOD BE a true father and stop this diabolical timeline endured by Your innocent tortured kids please please im on my knees Jesus, God, angels, our hearts are bleeding knowing organic matters like Podestas and all exist amongus..humbly asking You to start teaching us Your needed lessons through Joy instead of sorrow. And so it is ❤

  8. Juan & Nino,
    Lots of behind the scenes….No matter what 1 says,we have been programmed to believe if we dont hear about it…..its not going on.
    Its happening….Walk in Faith not in sight.It is a tuff road……Always remember what Trump said”It is the Road less traveled…never give up and never lose faith.Love you both and love all the work that you have given so to this Country and her beautiful People.Your Maker see’s All.
    Life,Love & Health,

  9. there’s a point where Juan is trying to explain something and it falls flat, some other interviewers, even Mel K would be interesting, she really does a lot of digging

    1. Tim Ballard, founder of O.U.R., had told us that it was planned to be released in January 2022. Obviously missed that date and though I have reached out to Tim, I have not heard any updates.

  10. During the Census taking, I was following Q ( until Q said, wait until you find out who you’re listening to..)” I backed up qnd tread cautiously. One day an old time U.S Mail truck appeared in my small town parked across the street from city hall. It had a large black Q painted on it, with what looked like a ” canceled ” postage stamp, and then a black silhouette picture of q little boy saluting that was reminiscent of John John saluting his father’s casket. I took lots of pictures. My nephew talked to the driver who said he was here working the census. It was here around town for quite a few days. Interesting. I don’t think anyone else around knew what it was about.