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Summer of Discontent with Nino Rodriguez & Juan O Savin (FEB 2022)

Original upload Feb 2022 – Summer of Discontent with Nino Rodriguez & Juan O Savin (FEB 2022)

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  1. Thank you for providing a clear understanding of the great sacrifice made by the Canadian Truckers, in an attempt to awaken people not only in Canada but around the world, to open their eyes and hearts to the plight of what threatens our survival. If only this message could air on the MSM, reaching the hearts of millions and motivate them to leave their fear behind and stand together. All awakened folk should set aside a few minutes each day to disseminate this message in a group meditation to help propagate this vision of solidarity and reach the masses on a subconscious level from our hearts to theirs. The power of unconditional love and prayer done on-mass has the power to turn the tables and smother this evil which has divided families across the globe. Together we can raise the vibration of humanity and start building God’s kingdom on earth. Thanks you for your work and wisdom.