Bloody Hill


SEPTEMBER 3! Juan Talks on Why it Matters

The 22 month deadline from the 2020 Election and what to expect.

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    1. “They’re infantile in their imaginations…” so true.

      Did Bill Gates build the guidestones under an assumed name?

      How far back does the concept of 500 million go?

  1. I love listening to the details from Juan, I have learned more from what’s happening not only politically but spiritually. I have learned so much that has been hidden from us as a whole. Thank you and all that is working together to get the truth out. My prayers are with you all in this fight. GOD BLESS ….

  2. I think J6 committee is trying be judge, jury and executioner, seems that has to be illegal. It seems like they just want as much data and cell data from those they arrest, because they are trying to figure out what Trump’s next move is….

  3. Thank you guys! Terrifiic update, as always and MUCH appreciated. Holding that line down here in AZ, truth is coming soon and justice is right behind it. Keep it together and keep . These last few will test us beyond measure, time to show what we’re MADE of!

    All. Day. Long.