Bloody Hill


Resurrection of the American Conversation

Juan O Savin launches 107 Daily on 4/17/2022

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  1. From the Lightworkers, Indigo, Starseed Patriots (L.I.S.P. – Ann Landers our Matriarch)…we are with great joy this day and forthwith…the Best is Yet To Come.

    Thank you for the GAMES George…


    Ever thankful and grateful,

    ~Twilight Marquesa

  2. Excellent video it really brought things into focus and also confirmed the information Dr. Ardis has presented over the last 10 days. I look to have more information brought forth by Juan through his videos maybe in the form of a fireside chat. His information is volumemous.Thank you Juan for developing this social media side for us to express our views and to gain information from various sources. May God bless you and keep you.

  3. We used to celebrate Easter And Christmas since childhood . We agree that both holidays are Pagan. Now we partake in Passover. Have been for about 8 years. Christians need to understand this. Thank you for informing people of the truth.
    Good luck with your new site and God bless!

  4. God bless you both, and thank you for this beautiful presentation. A perfect compliment to life and sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, on this momentous and unbelievably historic day. You guys are forever in my heart, and I am grateful that God has given us you, as brother and sister, on our journey back home.
    Happy Easter my keister!

  5. thank you for this. I have the book The Lost Books of the Bible; i picked it up at a bookstore in anchorage ak 25 years ago and then kind of forgot about it. Now i will pick it up again. one question, why did the calander in your video show April 17 being a Saturday and not Sunday, as it is this year?

  6. The Orthodox Christian easter (Ressurection) is next weekend. It is always after the Jewish Passover. Juan, you need to study up on the Orthodox Christian church instead of the Roman Catholics et. al.

  7. Juan, you just issued credibility to Dr. Ardis’ findings and provided the antidote/cure for the snake venom (in the shot, water, etc.) as the blood of the lamb which can only be found in the Holy Eucharist of the Catholic Church; the true Church established by Christ with our first Pope, St. Peter the Apostle. In John 6:48-59 many disciples (and Judas) walked away from (betrayed) Jesus because they did not believe “and the bread I shall give for the life of the world is my flesh.”

    I pray this leads to mass conversions so we can truly be One Church, united in Christ and His saving blood. The enemy does morph and twist Christ’s teachings which is why Satan is cunning and used Luther to splinter Christ’s church. Jesus doesn’t want 60,000 churches; His desire is for one truth, One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, and Satan fully understands this. This is why the Catholic Church has been infiltrated for these past many decades; Satan, indeed, is cunning. The Blood of the Lamb is the curative to evil!

    Thank you for your prayer for us to “get the antidote”, and accept Christ’s gift of Himself as the Lamb of God, the Bread of Life! I pray we will all be reconciled as one Church. God’s way, not our way. God’s will be done!

  8. Love you Juan, John Jr. I love you and Carolyn. Thank you for saving us. We owe you and Carolyn so much. Forever Grateful ️ My children and grandchildren will have such a great life because of y’all’s actions. ️

  9. The words and meaning of this song “God Will Provide a Lamb” are such a poignant reminder of how God provided a lamb to be sacrificed in place of Isaac. And in the fullness of time, God provided the unblemished, perfect sacrifice of His son Jesus, the Lamb of God, to take the punishment for our sins and make a way for us to be reconciled with the Father.

  10. Loved the story about the Eden story. I am very skeptical about the theory a out the Bible. If anyone else has jumped down the rabbit hole in the history of Constantine and the Roman Empire with the Vatican one would really question how much is edited in our Bible. What do you think Juan. I have spent countless hours in searching and thought on this. You seem so knowledgeable and thought provoking.

  11. I heard Dr Ardis make the statement that President Trump is a Jesuit puppet and like others controlled by the black pope … that was a disturbing comment and in view of it and as an MD with an extensive background in chemistry , I have to question the entire bulk of the “scientific” information he’s relaying to us ..
    Also, Juan , as I told you personally when we met through the Golden Ticket event evening , there is a real antidote for any and all viruses / pathogens In existence including this snake venom : it is called Leronlimab by CytoDyn, an American small biotech company in Vancouver , Washington which has been under a real and consistent attack by Big Pharma for a year now as they don’t want it to survive to save the world from extinction due to not only viruses/pathogens and all of the most destructive diseases known to mankind including cancer , hiv , all autoimmune diseases , Alzheimer’s and more . It has been called God’s miracle molecule by the doctors who have used it because it takes death off the table . Today , after listening to this excellent video with Jennifer and you I decided to do simple gemantria of its basic name : Leronli ( without MAB because there are many other draconian MABs that belong to Big Pharma ) and guess what ? It comes down to 1. The One ?
    Like I told you before , if you want me to help provide any assistance in the story of this molecule I’m available to do so . As of now , it is only available through Right to try / compassionate care for end stage cancer but even so, the fda is attempting to destroy it by placing a Hold on it .
    Once again , thank you and Jennifer for that wonderful evening and special thanks to the beautiful and brilliant Jennifer for all her kindness to my mother
    Love and blessings to both of you
    Dr Diane

  12. Hi Juan, thanks for letting people know what you’ve been hearing on current events. I will be moving to Ashland, OR, to do something for America, building a homegrown natural rubber industry to end our dependence on Asian sources, from which we import two million tons per year to make 60,000 products that depend on it. As a Vietnam vet who served in the Navy, and later in the Army, I’m keeping my oath to serve and protect our country, and to showcase available tech to give America increased self-reliance, and the ability to produce abundant clean energy, food and water, as well as natural rubber.

  13. What a remarkable conversation, Juan…at many levels. The glorious surprise at the end was you saying that the blood of a lamb was the antivenom for snake venom. Is this a physical fact or were you speaking of the eternal Spirit realm? I know Christ’s blood was God’s answer to the sin of the Garden when Adam fell into separation bringing all mankind with him. Praise God that He provided the way back to ONENESS with God through Jesus Christ and His Cross! EVERY believer’s reality is now Gal 2:20 “I am crucified with Christ: Nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me; and the life I now live in the flesh I live by the faith OF the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.” Not my life, but Christ’s and not my faith, but Christ’s also!

  14. When y’all say.. we will win in the end, God wins, Do you mean we will all die and our winnings is living with Christ in Heaven … or what exactly???✝️❤️✝️

  15. Thank you, Juan, for another informative video. I always learn something new! I’m anxious for the additional books of the Bible to be available. I can only imagine what’s been hidden from us.

  16. Taipei 101,-266.92383&extent=39.63954,-174.99023

    How sweet the post-victory blast is at 10km for Earth’ Humanity and The Whole Alliance.
    DUMBs cleared – along with the Ukraine and Southern Africa- are these the last ones – or is Israel last? – Of course it is.

    Thank You So much. God has shown us where the last of the White Rabbit was farmed and distributed.

    We thank Him for His Son Yeshua / Jesus. We Thank Him For His Creation of the cures for Our Sins – and For the supreme gift of unbeatable Faith – for God Loves Us so He gave Us His Own Son and indeed, Himself – and those of Faith worked out that if God truly gave Us Himself, He would not let Human go – like, I’m sure, so many of God’s creations have over the vastness of space / time etc.

    -and thank You Lord for President Trump, VP John F. Kennedy Jr, The Alliance, Q of the past and present and the brave, brave Soldiers .

  17. I am glad to hear you agree with Dr. Ardis on his view of the origins of the poison shot. I follow him and know he is dedicated to helping people. His practice was for healing and my testimony is that I no longer have debilitating allergies learning from him. He went to school after his sister was diagnosed with lupus. He didn’t settle for that and found what the true issue was and she no longer suffers from lupus! She was told by doctors she would die in her 40’s. He is by nature a force to find the truth. He is not perfect as none of us are and will admit if he was wrong. His evidence is very compelling!

    He is not perfect and may be wrong on his view of president Trump, but I have to say Trump’s statements were so far off I myself am wondering why he would still promote the shot and say Remdesivir is saving lives, it clearly is not! All of us know death numbers are much higher after they rolled out the shots, how could he not know? I am hoping Trump gets schooled on the facts if it is a matter of being ignorant of the facts.

    I now celebrate Passover from following Amanda Grace. I am not shocked that Easter is celebrated by the evil side and glad I know now.

  18. I am in awe the knowledge .bravery of humanity and our world that you all have to in order to save our world in the name and grace of God .Thank you grandchildren are not aware of your sacrifices. but I am. And am so very grateful for all of you.. as one day my Grandsons will innerstand the feat that has been accomplished..why. And how. Thank you all God Bless the World..

  19. Our Nation and, really, the World will never forget all that you, your family, Trump and family and all others and Military and Alliance have done for humanity with God as the guide. Hallelujah! What a Glorious time to be Alive
    I can find no words, only tears of joy and gratitude. God Bless you all

  20. Hi Jen, Hi Juan. The dude that mated with Eve who “has been called by a hundred different names”, in “The Urantia Book is named Caligastia, “Planetart Prince” of Urantia (Earth). The book has details of the genetic “sin in The Garden” which you would find intriguing. HOWEVER the U-Book is itself an ET injection, a plant, a subversion of the planetary sovereignty that we must establish now that we are entering engagement with the ET community whose commercial forces are here to digitally enslave humanity through their “do-gooder” dictates trickling down through their hybrids next to Davos. You might call these “fruits of the abduction.hybridization program, “advisors” to salvage the environment FOR THEM…. NOT FOR US. And so you see the Green New Deal, the de-pop and all.

    The UB sat on Bill Clinton’s desk. You’ll never get the story straight, till you understand that the UB is the book given to John in his visions, the”Seven Thunders”, the “Little Scroll” in Revelation that is “sweet to the mouth but sour to the stomach”. The UB is a twisted mix of amazing Earth history and proven facts all mixed up into a story that is planted here so that we will welcome our new controllers.

    All this intensifying shit we are witnessing in the world, is an agenda about world sovereignty. You need to know that, yes, while the forces of dissonance (evil) pervade all levels and all galaxies in the material universe and personified in the minions of the darkness, the whole scenario is much bigger than our historical Satan concept. Yes, those forces are embodied out there and here in the flesh, but to comprehend our status and options to escape the current high pace ET planetary hijack, I will repeat to you, that the greater education-clarification presented in THE BRIEFINGS from THE ALLIES OF HUMANITY is a must.

    This is a world transitional time where if a certain quorum of humanity don’t get it just right, we may never recover our world and if we do it will be with great loss of life. I wish I could sit down over a hot chocolate or lemonade because I am the only student of knowledge in the world who knows both the UB and The Briefings and the difference between an alien resource seeker and an invisiblecollective mind force that we call “evil”.

    Skip the UB. You don’t have time for it. I did. Take my word and go to “The Briefings”. You can knock it out in a day.

    Blessings to you both and Godspeed to the winning.


  21. Passover and resurrection cannot happen on the same day. Easter celebrates Semaramis and Nimrod and they look to the East for the days of Lent to cry for Tammuz. The Mystery Babylon and her daughter’s all with their dyed eggs. Semaramis with her snake eggs dyed red with the blood of infants born from their temple prostitutes and their orgies. The Church is the daughter’s of Mystery Babylon!

    Come out of her My People! Now is the time!
    Her sins have reached heaven’s throne. Pull the teeth out of his name. Your horse will not save you! STOP profaning THE NAME ABOVE ALL Names!!!!!!!!!! We Ar(e) The Set Apart One’s! Created in the image of His Righteous NAME. Nor do we build Ziggurats, nor Pyramids, Obelisks, nor anything profane. Tear down the statues of themselves. They are no more. Do not make carved image’s, lest you fall into idolatry! Tear down their wooden owl of Moloch in their Grove’s. It will be done, for it has been spoken. Praise His beloved Name.
    Do you know The Father’s Name? Do you know His Son’s Name. If not, you’d better ask. Knock, and the Door will be opened. Ask, and you shall receive. The father of time is dying NOW! Soon, the sun and the moon will no longer give their light.

    Do you get on the rat wheel of the daily grind the swamp rats have made of your life?

    Come out of her My people!
    Come out of the image of the beast as well. That image will soon fall down, for iron and clay DO NOT MIX!
    Rome/Vatican City is the Iron!
    Have no part in it!
    Peter’s throne is the seat of Anti-Christ. It is he who rules with an iron rod.
    Stay away from the red shields offspring.
    Stay away from the red dragon of Rome and the Welsh that deceived Ephraim, or you too will lose your inheritance.
    Do not partake in the acts of idolatry with the Nicolaitans!

    Be of courage and a sound mind.
    Do not lose sight of the goal of a government of “Well-Being”. That is the goal. Do not let the evil one steal your crown.

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