Bloody Hill


Operation Wrist Bump

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  1. They say that they want to wake up the masses. JOHN JOHN stepping out of the shadows would do that more than all the deep state bumbles put together. Want to turn a vessel into a warship ? Fire your best missile, it’s time

  2. So, are you saying you think this is a match or not? The ears are definitely different and I didn’t see anything unique about the wrist bump either. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Justin Beiber!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Love all of your videos and your hints of what to look for and pointing the way! I received all of the items that I had ordered from and they are top quality. I am so pleased with all of it!
    Keep up your work to wake up the sheep.

  4. Think clandestine operation?? Masks R necessary?? How to capture a very dangerous animal. 10D chess?? I love good movies.

  5. Funny that you mentioned Jr’s children.You see for about two or more years I’ve been weighing the possibility that you, Jennifer Mac, are Jr’s daughter. My feelings in this matter were strengthened when you started doing the videos with Juan whose hand movements when he speaks are very, very similar to the old videos of Jr’s hand gestures when he was speaking. No need to comfirm, just my observation. Anyone else see this?

  6. That’s Awesome. I love you. You deserve this. You are the O.G. and there WILL BE “I told you so’s”. Are we having fun yet? I hope to one day have a beer with you my Fren.

  7. Also, you forgot to mention his fingers, they look exact. He has distinct finger nails too! lol Funny how people see things differently in the posts here. I like to use my artistic eyes to see, and I swear that is him by the guidestones! Those bumps are a match!

  8. A little bird perhaps a shared identity even(?) whispered to the crowd he had asked you to marry him❤️ & the crowd asked “what did she say” which he proudly proclaimed “yes she did”
    I have followed you since before Trump was elected& love your recipes & your conversations with Juan

  9. Peace is a Gift of God which was stolen and corrupted by a sinister frequency. It shall be restored however 1CORINTHIANS 15:51-52
    Full Armor of God Patriots
    You stand up and take the Oath when John Jr. Comes to you in a dream and says STAY UNITED. Humanity is at stake. He grabbed my hands and held them together tight! The dream took place outside of Trump hotel in New York. In a New York City Cab. It was a presice message and to the point. I could feel the depth of the situation.

    I knew I was destined for this time to be here together with all of you!
    In the end God Does Win!
    Thank you for the Wrist Bump.
    The dream I had was on the early morning of June 29th 2019
    I will never forget that dream as long as I live. I know John John is alive.
    I’ve felt it for a while now.
    Praying for Peace is a part of me, Love is a Moment given to you by God. He truly Loves All his Children.

    Everything is Energy,Frequency, Vibration

    Every thoughtful Citizen who disapirs of War and wishes to bring Peace …should begin by looking Inward

    The Energy, The Faith, The Devotion…

    Words to Live By and that’s Our Future
    The Best is Yet To Come
    This beautiful Nation will be Restored!

    I am with you JFK Jr and Family!

  10. Jennifer, you know Rumble is in partnership with Trump Media, so maybe this video is highly censored by the good guys, and for a reason? Thank you for the shout out on telegram, but not necessary! Chris

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