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Mirrors, Ivanka Trump and Justin Bieber? Disinformation Necessary VS MSM Lies

Kelli Ann Hub News subscription to her Kennedy Connector Series and Decodes:

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  1. I’m so glad you’re back! The dark corners were beginning to become murky. Your light is very much appreciated. Discerning clarification on who is who in the zoo, while also realizing the necessity of misinformation in the midst of the art of war, can be incredibly tricky. Having you pop back up feels like reinforcements are beginning to arrive.❤️

  2. Jennifer, I have always thought and said publicly repeatedly for years now that I believe that there are multiples of certain people. You can call them whatever you want. Clones, body doubles, CGI. Combinations of all of the above etc. But I believe that these McAfee posts are pointing to the fact that perhaps the Black Hats were able to make a version of Ivanka and that’s why we saw her get a shot etc? I believe there to be two versions of Justin and hope that the original signed up with the White Hats quite some time back. Very interesting that his last album is called Justice. I’m taking in all the lyrics now. I believe there to be doubles of Elon and Kanye and Rose McGowan and others as well. Both sides of the chess board have the same piece, mirrored if you will. And they play them against one another at certain times. I believe that’s what we are being shown with the Elon video as well as the mirrored McAfee posts. Jared is perhaps not mirrored because he was Black Hat all along. A very long time ago, I saw a picture of Kanye and Elon that was so odd… I believe I saw it in the MegaMeme folder, but I could be wrong about that. And thus this theory was born. These two would never be in a photo shoot together. Looking so robotic. Random photos that never appeared anywhere else. I think we were being shown the White Hat clones of these two. Of course, I posted those a bazillion accounts back, before I knew to copy everything because I had not yet been deleted… And so I don’t still have those photos anywhere. At least not that I have come back across yet.

    Maybe I’m onto something. Maybe I’m not. But I have felt very strongly about this for a couple of years now. And your video just solidified it and brought more dots together for me as I had not yet seen that particular video of Elon moving so choppily (ie clone). Having heard Juan say to Tom Numbers and Right Side Blonde that he is not an Elon fan, also solidified in my mind that the White Hats had made a version of him to use for this piece of the narrative… but he will ultimately not bode well, as the original was not a good person. Meaning, his persona is being used by the white hats to unveil information we need to see about Twitter etc.… But he will ultimately not end up the hero as the true Elon would never deserve such.

    So much to consider! What an exciting time to be alive.
    KatharineLombard- UqMyVibeAgain

  3. I don’t know exactly what Justin Bieber has to do with anything, but they are making a lot of Isis, Hermes, and Moloch references with the owls included in nearly everyone of them. In the later coded messages, they twice call Jared Kushner “anti-Christ” with external links to pictures of his. In the 11/4 pictures of Ivanka, she’s shown in black (the pictures immediately above seem to be 1-eye cabal-type reference pictures…is she compromised due to proxy of said “anti-Christ”? She’s the only one who participates in the mask wearing game.) In the 4/11 (another mirror 11/4-4/11) pictures its as if she’s being depicted (Isis?) or worshiped as she’s wearing White. The coded messages below makes it sound like an ancient Egyptian love story of 6000 years (As above so below, death is an illusion type messages, almost as if the spirit of Isis/Hermes are embodied in them.) Justin Bieber is depicted in the same way as being either represented by (Hermes?) or worshiped by those figures. Is it possible that a reversal of Ivanka’s involvement in something has occurred? I still do not know where Justin comes in with all of this. I will keep an open mind about it all and wait to see if there are more pieces to the puzzle that will be revealed when the time is right. I’m grateful that you’re bringing this to the forefront! Also, if you don’t already follow George News on YouTube for their live chats, or on Telegram ( and their live chats that are open during their YouTube live videos there are 3 individuals with a picture of Alice (in wonderland) The Eye of Horus, and The White Rabbit (depicted in those ticking clock videos) who have been participating in the chats. If its true what Juan says, they may be another group involved with Q. George News (aka Anonymous Charity aka Anonymous Collective) have been putting out some very revealing videos that are piecing together the big picture of what has happened in the past via fallen angels, giants, Noah, etc and what the cabal is attempting to do. They have other older videos about Antarctica, the Illuminati, a view from outer space, etc. It’s very helpful to participate in the live chats as they make comments while the videos are streaming to put things more into context, and get the mind thinking. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos Jennifer!

  4. Hi Jennifer, great to see you again! Your video has no sound after introducing KellyAnn. I thought it was my phone. Unfortunately it occurs on Telegram and YouTube! FYI

  5. Jb’s arm position and white paint lines mirror crook and scepter of Egyptian figure. Ivanka’s hand mirrors sphinx head and her hair and head mirror pyramid adjacent.

  6. hummmm could be as simple as Ivanka flipped, Bieber flipped and Kushner did not …or like above response there are doubles …mirrored? I believe Kushner black hat … Not sure I other other 2 …I know difficult to think Ivanka but I don’t know …my gut tells me some very very close people to Trump flipped he said you just can never guess it those closet to you.

  7. Jennifer, it’s wonderful to see you on this platform. Your early videos with Field were my wake-up. I hope you’ll post your past work on this channel. 107 was much more confident of white hats winning in those older videos. He described ‘nothing can stop what is coming’ as a stealth bomber that’s already been deployed. Now, he’s telling us to contribute to primary candidates in our states to be sure black hats don’t get elected this fall. I know a lot is happening, but it feels like our corrupt legal system is the only tool the people have, and the wheels of justice turn slowly. What about the rumored EBS overtaking the corrupt socialist-run news and waking up the masses. Is that a possibility?

  8. It is so good to hear from you again Jennifer. I have a question. Are you related to Sir Patrick Mac?? I watch his vieos for a very long time, then you tube threw him off, then TAV came into the picture, and he sound just like him. I said that to Kelliann. I think Kusner may be very bad. Some are saying that Ivanka was in on trying to have her father killed. I truly hope not and pray that she didn’t flip. But in some of the pictures before biden got in she doesn’t look right and Kusner never looked right to me. But what do I know? I imagine we will find out when our President comes back with JFK JR.God Bless you Jenn and great to hear from you.

  9. From the hints on various sites, I believe the original Kushner was like a double-agent, so a black hat. The current, different-looking Kushner would have to be a stand-in, therefore a white hat.

  10. It was very insulting to the Tesla name ( and his wider Family -hint-hint) that they chose “Tesla” as the name for their electric vehicles company. Anyone who is a Nikola Tesla fan – or even an Uncle John Trump fan -would know FREE ENERGY was one of – if not thee key invention He made. How insulting none of the wonderful innovations of NT were not used by the corporation (funded mainly by taxpayers.) I know Juan is not happy about this – it struck me years ago -this cynical, ironic and dare-I-say spell0crafted marketing name I can’t wait ’til we have cars and flying cars ( coming soon- see Stavatti !!) that will be powered by zero-point and or plasma compression fusion technology. We know Tesla’s healing wond is coming – is actually available ( see Deems device) and Medbeds are hear -currently in use on the Brave Soldiers of the Alliance fighting in DUMBs and also healing The Children saved. The Medbeds ( aka Trump “respirators are very complex” ) as being mass-produced getting ready for The Great Awakening going Global to the Sleepers and hateful left.

  11. My goodness what can one say I never cared for Kushner, just my own personal opinion. I suppose we might not ever know. Your own instincts often keep one on guard. Thank you for post ing video. I too believe doubles etc are running around. I see the differences, they do not fool me.


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