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Justin Bieber on Official McAfee (Ultra Q) – a look into his music video

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    1. Problem is that obviously many people drew on this image of Justin Bieber, so it is hard to figure out the symbolism since it is coming from so many. Also Britney Spears is all over I believe that Justin bieber did participate with the White hats in the Great Awakening since he developed that facial paralysis from the JAB ( or allegedly). In aeither case, he did alert many to the harm from the JAB.

  1. Hello m6 Sister patriot,
    A very long time ago I putmrchased kudos by the side of the road from gum road. It was right after the first film came out.witj Jaan.I never got that book. I can’t get onto
    I’m in Henderson NV outside
    Vegas. My email
    aka Una Siete
    I paid through PayPal it shows payment was received by merchant
    This was around the time Juan found out there were packages cast aside at the postal service.
    I’m not looking for a refund just hoping to still get the first book I bought
    Blessings in Jesus name

    1. Please send me (Wayfarer – COO) an eMail at explaining what you ordered, from Gum Road and the timeframe for when you ordered it. We’ll get a message on to Juan to get the order shipped.

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    I was researching along with watching your video and wanted to share something I found. I looked up Diplo to see if he was still alive and found info about Jack U. Skillrex was also mentioned in writing in Bieber’s video so it makes sense that Jack U, Diplo, Skillrex, and others names seen in this video are also in the music industry like Justin.

  3. The painted face of a child pic reminds me of the proported pod est a vid of abuse child and man doing their version of a famous duet music video by ….? “You didn’t have to cut me out”

  4. Bieber is a woman as far as I know.

    Maybe the purpose of the video is just to “cultivate” the younger generations. I’m guessing that the people invited to draw their piece, were shown their piece in the video, so that they think the video is authentic and don’t think anything of it. But, I’m guessing that the producers added a bunch of creepy satanic stuff in there to make the invitees think that the world and their generation are truly satanic. Which is to psyop them into accepting satanism at the minimum, and adopting it at the maximum. And then, they will take that ideology back to their friends and influence them.

    The producers push the brain buttons of the invitees, to make them think the satanists are “cool,” with much intriguing culture, and so the invitees would want to “learn more about it,” etc.

  5. It kinda seems like the artist drawing the things in the video, is the same artists as the one who created that “death threat to Trump” artwork in the background of the video of Ellen Degeneres cutting her moms’ hair.

  6. Under I ordered a 2nd ed hardcover in which I never received. All my other orders I did receive from GUMROAD.I appreciate you & Juan.Thanks to all involved in the awakening that’s been long overdue!

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