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Juan Tipping Hat to Robert David Steele

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Juan Tipping Hat to Robert David Steele

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  1. Thanks Juan for this tribute. I came across Mr. Steele later than most but loved his enthusiasm for the ’cause’! I’m wondering, what happened to the books he wrote about all the evil that’s going on in our country. Are they still available? Also, is the ‘Sound of Freedom’ going to be released in theaters
    anytime soon??
    Keeping all in prayer!! My thoughts and prayers go to his family.
    jeannette b

  2. Mr Juan!
    I feel like you will really get this message and I want you to know that I’ve been listening to you from the beginning on Field’s show. Those days it wasn’t easy to listen because the audio was terrible! I trudged on anyway because I always had the feeling it was very important. I learned so much from you. I look forward to listening to the Presentation style again because you have much to share. I want you to know that your appreciated by some of us much more than you realize. I love you and am so thankful for you and all the brave men and women stepping up in this fight for everybody. We got this!!! ❤️

  3. I owe RDS so much. He educated my family on how the world was truly run. My extended family is full of Satanists, Masons and hidden transgender. Evil has surrounded and plotted against us my whole life. Now we know. My daughter is electronically tortured for having light and kindness. I met him on the Patriot Tour. I hope he outsmarted them and went into hiding – but we don’t know. He served us well. Thank you for your service RDS – it doesn’t seem enough to just say thanks but that’s all I can say.

  4. Thank you Juan for this tribute. I kind of started on this path listening to RDS, Charlie Ward (who is mia?) & Simon Parkes. What an Awakening its been. I always Love listening to you, I always feel so much calmer – even though it’s really heating up now it seems. I pray for all the Great Patriots that do so much to help inform us all of our reality. Love, hugs, & prayers. ❤

  5. We had the privilege of meeting Robert David Steel in Montana,
    he was a quite humbled individual then when we first listened to him on his website.

  6. Thank you Juan for this tribute to Robert David Steele. My intro to Steele goes way back at least 15 years ago while search for books on Amazon. A prolific and in depth reviewer of books on the deep state. In those days being a patriot on the path to discovering truth was a lonely place. It was a warm and cuddly place snuggled up to those reviews.

  7. 4*11*2022
    Holy Week
    The venomous snake
    “Watch the Water”…..Q
    Boots, FIRE
    Collateral Damage
    , cures

    Thank you 107 ❤️

  8. US=1 Each States =50×1; Gamble v. U.S.; why are you not exercising
    50xPostage to activate nuclear felony charges in 50 locations; It takes
    only your postage stamp; Robert Steele knew thisl but did not know the
    principles of Gamble v. U.S. juanitaO’Savin says hello. Activate your
    front line assets in each sovereign State in fear of compliance with their
    oath to that State; ever hear of dual oaths? White hats have what goes
    in the envelope; Misfeasance, Malfeasance and Nonfeasance can be
    State felonies. The United States is the sum of its fifty parts? Activate
    the partners? Arm the White Hats with postage stamps?

  9. My husband and I took Robert to the hospital. We met on his tour, and Robert was supposed to give me away when we got married. Juan O Savin. We would really like to meet you.

  10. Thank you Juan. You always strengthen us with your cogent messages and relentless focus on sharing truth.


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