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Joey Gilbert – Pre-Debate Forecast on CBS

Pre-Debate Forecast regarding how all the candidates have “magically” adopted my talking points regarding our last in the nation, broken public schools, “No Show” will likely pretend he suddenly is concerned about restorative Justice and the violence in our schools,
everyone will touch on how Las Vegas’s crime rate has exploded 500% under “No Show”, remember he also said he would “massage” and possibly just “tweak” the Commerce Tax and I’ll remove it, But most importantly don’t forget who has been fighting against the mandates, testing, masking, shut down and forced J.A.B.s for 27 months.

How ALL OF A SUDDEN, now everyone is on Joey Gilbert’s sheet of music. Anyway, tomorrow will be fun. I get to be myself and you’re going to see “THE SWAMP” come to life and tap dance around talking points that I have been living and breathing along side the mama bears and parents for more than 2 years.

All talk and no action from “No Show” and all heart, tenacity and love from Joey Gilbert…. As usual right 🙌🏻❤️🇺🇸

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