Bloody Hill


Joey Gilbert – Burn Out Competition #LSFEST

Here we go Nevada…

Yes that’s me in the Truck !!
Your next Governor Nevada!!
Watch these donuts 🍩 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩
No one ☝🏽 else is working (& PLAYING) as hard as I am —to earn your vote and represent “WE THE PEOPLE”…
I want to be everyone’s Governor and I hope you see that I will go anywhere and continue to connect with every demographic in this State.
I love you Nevada and I have your back.
I am one of you, a dad, businessman & warrior for freedom!
This is not my campaign, —it’s OUR CAMPAIGN!!
And remember, as they start the lies & attack ads, it’s only because they are jealous of the momentum this campaign is generating.
When they get desperate, they become extremely dishonest and fearful.
Instead of telling the people what they can do for them, they attack the one candidate who is most prepared and has a real plan.

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