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Joe Lombardo – Metro Police Widows Speak out

As Nevadans begin early voting, it’s important to know what kind of leadership, or lack there of, is at the head of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department; otherwise, known as the Sheriff.

Please watch this short 4.5 minute video from two widows of now deceased officers who lost their lives from Covid and have been treated horribly by the “top cop” in Clark County, who has turned his back on these women and their families.

This is absolutely unacceptable.

We don’t promote people like this.

It’s simple, leadership is action not a position.
I would’ve never treated these women or their families like this and to hear their stories and speak with them makes it obvious that the head of LVMPD is a disgraceful human being definitely should not be promoted or elected to serve as our State’s 31st Governor.
To Cinnamon and Jennifer-
Our hearts are with your families .

Please sign their petition:

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