Bloody Hill


JFK Jr Masks Returns!!!


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  1. I had the same thoughts after watching yesterday Gideons Army.
    Glad to see your new video been following you for several years . Now it all makes sense, Joy.plan coming together ❤️

  2. Jennifer, I found pics of JFK Jr’s hands and arm and sent to you through your website customer service, did not realize I could post here. His ring finger is much shorter than his middle (unlike mine) and his wrist bone protrudes prominently. I found pics of both from the past. His hand and arm totally match the hand and arm of the man in the Guide Stone photo! Also his finger nails really look to be identical.
    It keeps getting more and more exciting!

  3. ThanQ you. Another great video. My question is regarding the envelopes that the traitors received. Why were the Carters exempt? …and there is an uncanny resemblance of Jimmy to PRES JFK.

  4. I love this Video.
    watch Trump read his face. There is So much more to Trump,
    He is a Master AT DISGUISE himself.

    Praying for All who are working on turning our Ship aRound and willing to be the Bad Guy as Chess Pieces ♟ are being played!

    Nothing in this Realm is at it appears is the biggest Lesson we need to integrate.
    Pray Help turn this UpSide down World back into A beautiful Space for our next generations…

  5. Thank you for sharing Jennifer! Hey couple more things I noticed on the no’s. game! Lol
    So you got the Sept 9 and Aug 19 = 18 each, R R
    Then you added the July 19 1999 together for 45 (we know who that is, haha)
    but then… hoohoo haha hee… You didn’t add up July 19 = 7 + 1 + 9 = 17!
    Then when you add all 3, 18 + 18 + 17 = 53, and the mirror is 35 (from Trump plane mirror of JFK Jr plane)
    Next, you have 40 3X! And R R 2X, and who was no. 40 & R R? Ronald Reagan!
    Here’s how I see it when you put it all together
    35, 40, & 45 Were (are) great Patriotic Presidents, and were all in that Matrix equation you had.
    The one missing in that matrix? No.17!
    And since this is all about planes, come back in style and where he left off–in a Plane!
    So, there ya go! Best!

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