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JFK Jr Salutes Father – Will you be Counted? In 4, 3, 2… JUAN! (JUN 2019)

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Video Title: JFK Jr Salutes Father – Will you be Counted? In 4, 3, 2… JUAN!

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  1. When I was a kid growing up in eastern Ky I used to watch TV sometimes with my mom, EVERY time she JFK Jr salute she would just bawl. I totally understood what Americans thought of our country from watching her cry like this. JFK was incredible and somehow feel like mom would be smiling at what he’s accomplished. Saw pics of his father campaigning in Ky walking the RR tracks in his cowboy boots. No wonder they called them blue dog democrats, back then he made that party great and was about to make our country great. Can only imagine. Thanks Jennifer for the post. .

  2. I always get a little uptight when I hear ‘we are going to take back our country’ the truth is….the line in the sand is not made of physical land matter, or sea. The line in the sand is not one of borders, or gender,, rich poor, gay straight black white, vaxed or not.

    The line in the sand separates GOOD & EVIL

    From Australia for nearly 4 years Ive been in the trenches with you, I had to learn who was who in American Politics etc, I LOVE YOU AND WILL FOREVER CHERISH BEING INCARNATED AT THIS POINT IN HUMANITIES HISTORY. Therefore, I gotta say; dont underestimate the rest of the world. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.

    Our beautiful planet has had enough…Tthanks to the Q movement Q team and Deplorable Patriots planting the seeds and exposing weeds – we found our voice, we found courage, and WE WILL NOT TAKE IT.

    There has NEVER in the history of mankind been such a worldwide uproar, a stand.

    In 2020 [they] released a virus, upon the world. Also In 2020 ]we[ built up our immunity.. It started on a cellular level, and became a superspreader.

    Weve Got This ‘WWG!WGA”
    The United People of Terra

  3. People are getting real angry out here, Talking about war if they come after our guns. When will our military step in.

    Juan please let us know what is happening. I know your busy but get with Nino to give some hope before people take this on themselves.

    God watch over you in your travels.


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