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Is JFK Jr Alive? Interview with Nino Rodriguez and Jennifer Mac

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  1. I think the possibility of JFK Jr being alive is extremely relevant because he could be the steam running the engine!

    As far as the anon that asked whether JFK Jr was alive and received the reply “no” from Q: Maybe the anon was asking the wrong question???

    Ps, I’m looking forward to receiving my order from your site, Jennifer! My fiance ordered a package from you for my birthday and you wrote a sweet note in your cookbook to him. This time I’m hoping to get a note written to me haha! … You rock Jennifer! Thank you <3

    1. I wanted to add one more thing: I’ve heard the “theory” – from Rachel Writeside Blonde possibly – that JFK Jr’s magazine “george” might not be named after George Washington like most would be led to believe, yet instead it might be named for the alleged man behind the assassination of his father: George Bush!

  2. Watching Jennifer Mac and Nino interview, and it just occurred to me:

    “Is JFK Jr alive?” = Question to Q by an Anon
    “No.” = Response to the Question

    N = 14, O = 15
    14 + 15 = 29

    Drop Q29 begins “Some things must remain classified to the very end.”

    1. That is interesting. David fuddy dudded this great presentation out for me. sigh. The wrist bump is not the only thing to look at. Look at his finger nails! They are the same! This goes deeper than the nose (or touching the nose) that is in front of you.

  3. Researching, reading, listening to videos & interviews for 15 years & listening closely to Juan O’ Savin for the past few years have convinced me he’s alive.

    Interesting the letter to Trump 3 days after his death, think resurrection.

    I think we’re going to learn that he was right in front of us for a long time. Very likely he was Vince Kennedy McMahon (VKM), World Wresting acting with Trump, at least sometimes.

    Possibly Vincent Fusca.

    Possibly the ring man security for Trump.

    Possibly other cameramen or strangers in the crowds at the rallys.

    Definitely the guy sitting in Air Force One or Marine One when Trump was coming & going.

    Absolutely Juan O’ Savin. It’s not a coincidence that we never see his face, he’s always at Trump tower, loves supercars, & knows everything about everything that John would know.

    If you know, you know.

  4. A few years ago, I was looking at some of the evidence out there, and came across the old recording of that news cast with the Coast Guard sgt Todd Burgun. It was a much clearer recording of his voice, and I thought definitely sounded like the same voice as the Q video. And I’m not easily convinced. Some of the stuff people shared to pass off as evidence that he’s still alive was garbage in my opinion.

    Besides the sketchy stuff with the search, his funeral and things he published in George Mag, this voice and photos of 3 Kennedy-esque kids at a Trump rally were remarkable clues.

  5. Jr’s cousin Anthony Radziwiłł, who he was very close to from early childhood, could very well be Vincent. He was the right height and shares his facial features. However, he reportedly died just a few weeks after the crash from cancer. Google his photos. See what you think.

    Also, the young woman seen at a rally with 2 young men (probably her brothers) looks remarkably similar to Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy at the same age, AND somewhat like Jacqueline Kennedy.