Bloody Hill



Juan O Savin and Barbara talk Nino, Donkeys, Politics, and Elections

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  1. Salt of the earth; Love Barbara! … This has a Jennifer Mac feel to it: The crunch of the gravel, the perfectly timed effects, the artistic frames…I can almost smell the feed and feel the breeze. Thanks guys 🙂

  2. It’s good to see Ms. Barbara again. She is a sweet lady and she is right; Nino is doing a good service to our nation even though it is hard to wade through swamp waters to get out the truth. I respect Nino because he will give anyone a platform to speak even if he disagrees. Most of all, I appreciate Juan and his tireless efforts fighting for our country. There are very few ways to convey our appreciation Juan but please know that we are praying for you, for President Trump and his family and those fighting along side you. The biggest weapon we have is prayer and it is in daily use. God Bless!

  3. I really enjoyed that, Barbara is such a sweet lady, i didnt know Donkeys had a cross on their backs, how amazing! since our Lord & Saviour rode on the back of one, this cannot be a coincidence! You pair are my kind of people! Much love to you both <3

  4. Marie+Juan=Aleph


    My Eyes ARe upon Juan

    Much Love from,

    I love a righteous cause even when there is no righteous man in all of heaven, or all the earth, or under the earth.

    Quetzalcoatl’s head is crushed
    Now is time to slay the Red Dragon
    I speak to Him that came out of Joseph, and set himself apart from the world. Pale skin, with a head full of serpent knowledge.
    The iron is broken. Iron and clay don’t mix.
    YHUH gives us a govern-ment of Well-Being, not a Roman Republic. A-Me-In and Al-eilu-YAH In His image Ju-an Me Ar made from clay.
    I am His breath of life.
    YHUH saves
    I am His Stick
    He is My Covering
    We Ar The Tent of The Most High

    Have a Wonder-filled Day

  5. I loved this talk. I also have had concerns with Ninos frustration levels. I’ve tried to comment good things, remind him that this all will work out. That this war, has already been won, we’ve got this. One minute he knows it and is calm and the next, he looks like he’s going to pop veins in his head. He’ll make it, we may have to sedate him though. Barbara is a beautiful person

  6. I am one of millions [I hope] who deeply appreciate what you are dedicating your life to, Juan – thank you so much. You are such a good exapmle to be leading – I have seen over the yeas how courageous and hardworking you are.
    I understand why you made this video – people need to watch it.

  7. I appreciate all of your insight, Juan! I feel like an “outsider” in this group, even though I agree with with all you stand for. There’s a lot of “coded” language. I understand that may be necessary. But I have to wonder, would I agree if I knew the “hidden” information?! One thing I DID get in this video, however…..GOTTLIEB!

  8. Love hearing Juan’s laugh; it makes feel that things can’t be as dire and depressing as it all seems right now.

  9. Dear Juan, thank you for all you do.

    In 6.9.22 Keith Blandford interview you said, “It’s a Frankenstein Monster. It’s a Frankenstein Monster. Senior Executive Service is a Frankenstein Monster. If you see false flags, if you see Star Chambers, if you see disinformation out into the media, the social media, the news media, the political races, they have behind the scenes authorities that allow them to do what amounts to an MK-Ultra type operation to control hearts and minds to bring America back again. But in the wrong hands all of those authorities, it’s like nuclear power itself. It could be used for good to create, to power, to improve, or it can be used destructively.”

    In your next interview can you please talk more about SES, explain how it’s connected to City of London operation, update us on status of behind-the-scenes fight between Military continuity of governance groups and SES, and clarify where are we at in the Law of War Manual in terms of Military taking action against belligerents.

    Also, we’ve all wondered why the seditious media hasn’t been shut down. Is it because they’re being run by SES?

    Thank you and much love to you.