Bloody Hill


FULL INTERVIEW Justice will be Served

Juan talks with Nino on the situation with Secretary of State Candidate Rachel Hamm, California GOP push back and vote fraud.

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      1. G news aired Bill Cooper saying the Kennedy’s were a bunch of cannites themselves (or whatever it’s called). I’m using the term ‘freemason’ to describe those who come from the “divine right to rule” crowd. We’re getting the top of the same pyramid at the end of the day, albeit maybe only a piece of it.

        Top regards

      2. Kennedys lame eye, one eye, darkened? saving us from vaccines from one side of his mouth and telling us about carbon control from out the other? how am I not supposed to think he might be the devil in plain sight?

        wouldn’t be the first googly eyed “elite” revealed to me. that’s what that inbreeding is all about.

  1. Hey NINO I’m with long have we been hearing this and I’ve been one of the last hold outs example trusting the plan holding the line etc. .At the end of the Day I trust God 100 percent. I’m like you I do keep an open mind. And generally stay upbeat. And I use the 3 point of reference usally I check and see if 3 or more people are saying somewhat of the same thing. Yes it’s still a battle yes some bad actors have been taken off the board. It’s a captured operation top to bottom..

  2. I’m observing musk, to me it feels like he is the start of the social and media flip. I’ve no proof or specific reasons for saying this, it’s a gut feeling. Could I be completely fooled? Absolutely, it’s happened many times before so I will go with the gut and observe what plays out. I won’t be crushed either way. So much going on.

  3. I’m not encouraged at all. BFD, a single, though powerful, group of party leaders got caught. The 2020 election fraud was caught too. At this rate the cabal will have have us in a tech prison long before any significant court case occurs. Even then it’s a crapshoot to get an honest judge and jury. So what else do you have up your sleeve because this is too little and very late.

  4. I think you’re funny, most of what you’re saying is right, but giving Americans hope where there’s no hope isn’t right, TRUMP isn’t coming back, do you really think these commies Will give up power easily, hell No, They cheated and spent a lot of zuckerbucks to get the white house, and the Senate, The house doesn’t much matter, because we know that Nancy will still be there, unless she dies from liver cancer, she’s a drunk, and everyone in the house is a bunch of RINO’S, WHO the hell are you anyway, I’m not falling for your tricks, only God can save us now, not Man!

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