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Dead Man Talking? Official McAfee Decodes Continue (plus two previous videos 1 and 2)

Official McAfee continues to post and I have included the first two videos condensed into this one video as comments came in that previous videos were buffering or stopping part way through – this update should get you all caught up!

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  1. Please please pronounce his name correctly. Mac-A-fee He is a legend. Plenty of videos on YouTube of him saying his own name

  2. More buffering issues, Still cant watch any of your vids. plz allow for a lower frame rate like 360 fps. Is this super HD encoding? 1080 or higher? Loosing lookers of education if this is your goal to a wide audience.

    1. Seems to be working now after 5mins to load. Likely my wify. Will keep on eye on it. Thx for replying to my other post on buffering issues and offering a lower FPS. 340 is good compromise for the lowest, next 480 and then 720 for HD. Most ppl have 1080, but not always good for wifi users. Keep up the great work,

  3. You referenced yourself as a bible believing Christian.

    Early 1st century or 20th century? Most Christian patriots are likely 20th and should make time to do the same deep dives of the Geo Political cabal as the religion cabal.

    What is considered true – The Kingdom is within. The Bible is also full of allegory and parables. Consider as a starter, hidden meanings of important passages most have been led astray – imho.

    Bill Donahue

    Source Creator? Yes.

    Yeshua taught how to think, act and connect to Christ consciousness.

    He was a man and referred to himself as Son of Man. Much was hidden and the bible owners corrupted key parts for control of the masses. They knew (PPL) like blue pills to feel better and don’t like to think too much. Safe zones. When the SHTF or beliefs are challenged – triggered. Remind you of anyone you know given the past 5 yrs? Same with Red Pilled Christians.

    Don’t be a sheep being led to spiritual slaughter. Learn. (Juan, I hear you also follow the good book mostly as written – Uhm?)

    We live in a multi universe and dimension with lots of bad actors. Study hint: The God of Earth is not the same as source creator!. Prepare yourself. You may be triggered when you learn who you’ve been praying to. Remember, the Cabal loves to play games and inversions.

    Extra credit follows.

    I am not suggesting any one source listed is 100% truth, but in aggregation of similar themes across hundreds of sources, you can’t ignore it…I simply list the better presenters or presentations of complex ideas to offer a counter narrative that has logic and common sense nor would i classify this a new age.

    Ready to take the next step?

    This one requires a leap of faith

  4. What I noticed the most from recent McAfee was [M] then I also noticed QTSR also emphasize the [M] as well the next day. Only 1 Q post with [M]

  5. Hi Jennifer

    I wanted to drop some food for thought regarding the 144,000. It’s not literal , it’s a figurative expression of the chosen ones. It’s about “ we the people of every nation.

    The first reference is in the wilderness – 12 tribes of 4 groups in groups of 12,000 facing N E W and south . Israel was an invention of faith. The gentiles became Jews via Abraham and Gods promise.

    In Revelation the 144,000 appear again. This time around the throne of God with 4 heads. This is the formation of people who love and follow God . Their heads are the same as the assigned faces ascribed to the tribes. These are the people who bring Heaven on earth – the Lords prayers “ thy will be done on earth S it is in Heaven “

    There’s much more but I’ll leave this here


  6. In regards to 19.5 you should look into Richard Hoagland ,and his hyper dimensional physics. In which he talks about how energy flows in and out of planetary bodies. on earth our most active region is the Hawaiian Islands which is at 19.5 . Jupiters giant red spot again is at 19.5 etc….. fascinating stuff worth a video all on its own.

  7. You are appreciated Jen, thanks for all your hard work. I wonder if I met you in SC at Lun Wood’s event


  8. Didn’t Juan say the stat of lib torch is Osiris’ member pulled out by the root? Osiris root

  9. If McAfee ran for President that could it suggest he’s a Good Guy…….with not much to hide? WWG1WGA………


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