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Coalition of Candidates – Juan O Savin on the Race to the Truth

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  2. The Jan 6th commission is going to try to take out Trump as a viable candidate for future elections and further convince the public that looking at the 2020 election is useless and not necessary because there was nothing wrong, But the question is what can WE do to make this happen? To help fix the 2020 election fraud beside wait to see what happens. What can we do beside just sharing information?
    How do we finish this and move it forward?

  3. It’s getting hard to listen to you Juan. Why the backpedaling? Who cares what the media say, they are America’s enemy spewing lies and propaganda. It’s impossible to have an honest conversation with brainwashed individuals; we’ve been trying for several years! It isn’t going to happen. Lead, follow or get out of the way. There is no forward until 2020 is fixed and the treasonous lot, including senators, justices, and others involved are in jail. Stop trying to keep a lid on the people who are legitimately demanding a fair election and start providing a strategy to remove the interlopers. No negotiation – they leave. All of them.

  4. Hey buddy. Hope you know how much you are loved. Fuck all that bs. Teach us to pray and pray with us. I’m an alcoholic also. It only takes one. Love you forever through eternity. Love seeing your shows and how jacked up you get on caffeine. Fuck that, no one is telling you to give up caffeine but me. Love you.

  5. Ummm… so I know what it’s like when they find your soft spot. Hopefully they don’t know who Juan really is. I don’t think he’s backpedaling. I think he’s just trying to make people realize that if anything is going to happen it’s up to us. We need to do our part to raise awareness to that all important 81.7 % that he’s always talking about. I mean.. even with 2000 mules out we aren’t there yet in America. Our country is captured and the only way is with a public and military coalition. Even people in other countries get it better than we do here in America. What Juan is trying to say is that we need to work twice as hard because we’re fighting a corruption that has taken over our MSM who will be coming after us from every conceivable angle to discredit us and our beliefs about 2020. He’s said it many times. It will take an act of God to wake up almost 82% of our countries people ❤️