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Clean Up Process with Juan O Savin on Corrupt GOP in California and Nevada

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  1. Terrific to hear the latest update-thanka guys!! This information is precious, thank you for allowing us to know what we can know and we will use that information WISELY! We’re getting closer by the minute now :D, the energy is climbing through the roof, steady as she goes, we are ready for the show! With prayers sent out en masse, to out soldiers and Patriots, as Juan so elegantly states and we are gonna do just that. Enjoy the show ;). The battle of ALL time is here, stay STRONG and have NO FEAR! The best of the best have done so much, we can’t thank them all enough! Our part in this battle is now here-face your precipice, pick your side and stand TALL! Truth and JUSTICE are here!

    Y’all ready? 😉

    All. Day. Long.

  2. And sorry, me again lol, one last quick suggestion/advice to David, written with love and I hope it helps him and any readers who need to see it:

    David, calm down and have no FEAR, no matter WHAT you hear, these times are intricate and deservedly so, every move with precision (you know as a boxer, I know as an elite gymnast-training w/Bela Karolyi), FOCUS is what is needed and only with PEACE in our heart and focus in our mind, will this process go on to a smoother victory.

    If you knew that fear/angst/anger/worry is what these fkrs LITERALLY feast on, would you give them a 10 course meal on their way out? No. I know you wouldn’t. So, take that knowledge and bring it to your heart. Focus that energy on what DESERVES to be focused on, not THESE mealy mouthed mfrs, whose asses are about to be handed to them on a platter, tout suite!

    Humans have NO idea how powerful we truly are. That’s why THEY fear us. What makes us special, is what will take THEM down. Their weaknesses and true colors are shining bright as hell-now in NEON, for those who STILL don’t see them. For these remaining sleepers, who turned over to go back to their slumber. One last chance for them to wake up. But DO know this, there will be a % that just will not evolve to the next level and that % those who are NEVER going to turn to the light-those that came fir the fight. But as Juan also says, this is a numbers game. And they are running out of moves. Each DAY it is more evident. Each DAY you can smell their fear and see their panic. The more outrageous it becomes, it merely shows that this is coming to an end. That doesn’t mean rest on our laurels, it means to remove the PANIC, remove the DOUBTS and remove the worry. If you wouldn’t take it into the ring? Then it doesn’t belong in THIS fight. This LAST battle to be had. It’s time to lace up and smile 🙂 you can dance like a butterfly, now sting them with the LIGHT.

    With peace and love in our hearts, our HumanityFamily is ready to FOCUS and fight BACK with our power!! The time is here. The time is now. Steady as she goes and then BAM, oh, no lol smh, they don’t even have a chance ;).

  3. As Reagan told us so many years ago, we are at “a time for choosing”. That awesome speech in the GOP convention in 1964 encapsulates perfectly where we find ourselves as a nation and the world.

    Nino love you brother, but this is the largest most entrenched evil the world has ever known. In our apathy we’ve allowed these demons to capture our government, state & federal. It took 100 + years to get here and will take more than one man one/two terms to correct.

    “It’s always darkest just before the dawn”


    The U.S. government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has launched a research program to analyze individuals ‘ “preconscious brain signals” to determine people’s thoughts and feelings. Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, the Chief Advisor to the World Economic Forum’s leader, Klaus Schwab, and other futurists have often warned that humans would soon be hackable. Nevertheless, governments and unelected globalists’ ambitions to reshape humanity and gain control over every aspect of our lives and bodies are making successful strides.

    Under the guise of identifying soldiers at risk of depression and suicide, the Pentagon’s Research Arm, DARPA, launched the Neural Evidence Aggregation Tool (NEAT) program, which focuses on “aggregating preconscious brain signals to determine what someone believes to be true.”

    According to DARPA’s press release, “NEAT aims to develop a new cognitive science tool that identifies people at risk of suicide by using preconscious brain signals rather than asking questions and waiting for consciously filtered responses.”

    REPLACE “Warfighter” with SUBJECT / PEOPLE / INDIVIDUALS / etc…

    Warfighter Analytics using Smartphones for Health (WASH) (ALSO COMBINE THIS WITH THEIR “NEAT” program – i.e. Thought crime tool –
    Mr. Tejas Patel

    Currently, understanding and assessing the readiness of the warfighter involves medical intervention with the help of advanced equipment, such as electrocardiographs (EKGs) and other specialized medical devices, that are too expensive and cumbersome to employ continuously or without supervision in non-controlled environments. On the other hand, currently 92 percent of adults in the United States own a cell phone, which could be used as the basis for continuous, passive health, and readiness assessment.

    The Warfighter Analytics using Smartphones for Health (WASH) program seeks to use data collected from cellphone sensors to enable novel algorithms that conduct passive, continuous, real-time assessment of the warfighter. The objective of WASH is to extract physiological signals, which may be weak and noisy, that are embedded in the data obtained through existing mobile device sensors (e.g., accelerometer, screen, microphone). Such extraction and analysis, done on a continuous basis, may help determine current health status and identify latent or developing health disorders (Figure 1).

    (NOTE: Could also be used in conjunction with biorythm and biologic data monitering for “PRECOGNITIVE DISSONANCE” or THOUGHT CRIMES “EXERPT: aggregating preconscious brain signals to determine what someone believes to be true. The screening process envisioned could involve presenting various statement stimuli of behavioral health relevance, such as biographical information, actions, or intentions (e.g., government test Stimuli is witnessed over the internet and PRE-CONSCIOUS biologic readings taken to assess allegiance or denial to the govt./propoganda/official narrative/etc… ) to measure preconscious responses. NEAT would triangulate responses to aggregate evidence and determine if the person reading the stimuli statements believes they are true, false, or indeterminate.

    Figure 1: WASH health determination

    WASH research will explore the development of algorithms and techniques for identifying both known indicators of physiological problems (such as disease, illness, and/or injury) and deviations from the warfighter’s micro-behaviors that could indicate such problems. It is also expected that additional “digital biomarkers” of physiological problems may be identified during the research through the combination of big data analytics and medical ground truth provided to performers. Digital biomarkers are consumer-generated physiological and behavioral measures collected through connected digital tools, in this case a smartphone.

    A prerequisite for the extraction and interpretation of the raw sensor data and any identified digital biomarkers is determining the context of such data collection and analysis, which may affect the relevance of any given sensor and permit “denoising,” or elimination of irrelevant or misleading readings. For example, relying on cellphone accelerometer data while the warfighter is in a moving vehicle would likely negatively influence the utility of such data for WASH-type analysis unless the auxiliary motion is identified and cancelled. Thus, key focus areas will be the extraction of the signal context and the identification of complicated actions and environmental variables, and the association of user state with symptoms of illness conditions in order to identify potential illnesses and conditions before conventional symptomatic display. It is the union of personal behavior/characteristics, smartphone sensor collection, context of smartphone use, and disease biomarkers that will define the preclinical health determination of the WASH program (Figure 2).

    Figure 2: WASH program concept

    The program goal is to enable the creation of a mobile application that passively assesses a warfighter’s readiness immediately and over time. This application seeks to provide:

    Clinicians with plausible health conditions supported by the analysis, determination, and fusion of digital biomarkers for disease correlation against ground truth;
    Commanders with unit readiness information, both at the current time and in the near future; and
    Users of the device with information about their current health status and early indicators of medical conditions.

    Civil Sanctuary (i.e. REALTIME AI MODERATORS to RESTRICT FREE SPEACH, manipulate populace hidden under the cloak/guize of “humanitarian efforts”)
    Dr. William Corvey

    Social media platforms have the potential to be a great democratizing force, allowing individuals to participate in the free and productive sharing of ideas at a scale never before encountered in human history. During emergency situations and times of turmoil (How are these defined?), these platforms can provide a crucial forum for discussing time-sensitive, potentially life-saving information. During Department of Defense (DoD) Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response (HA/DR) operations (Rediculous…so when they declare an “emergency” the sensorship is employed?), relief efforts would benefit from a stable and constructive information environment that naturally facilitates informative dialogue. However, rather than aiding users in finding common ground, online social environments worldwide often fall prey to disinformation, bullying, and malicious rhetoric, which may be perpetuated through broader social dynamics linked to toxic and uncritical group conformity. New technologies are required to preserve and promote the positive factors of engagement in online discourse while minimizing the risk of negative social and psychological impacts emerging from violations of platform community guidelines.

    Civil Sanctuary aims to provide technologies capable of supporting DoD humanitarian assistance efforts by facilitating online social environments where positive behavioral norms – those linked to the productive sharing of information, particularly during crises – are encouraged locally in user conversations (i.e. SENSORSHIP) through the use of multilingual AI moderators. This program will exceed current content moderation capabilities by expanding the moderation paradigm from detection/deletion to proactive, cooperative engagement. Extending current research in computational dialogue and cognitive modeling, artificial agents created under this program will learn best practices for online mediation by observing human experts and then employ these skills (Who is teaching the AI???) to interactively guide user groups to adhere to community guidelines. Civil Sanctuary will scale the moderation capability of current platforms, enabling a quicker response to emerging issues and creating a more stable information environment, (i.e. THE OFFICIAL NARRATIVE FROM THE ‘MINISTRY OF TRUTH’) while simultaneously teaching users more beneficial behaviors that mitigate harmful reactive impulses, including mitigating the uncritical acceptance and amplification of destructive ideas as a means to assert group conformity. The program will demonstrate novel and generalizable technologies that commercial platforms may leverage via third-party vendors.

    Program Schedule and more details:


    Confidence in the information domain:
    See link: .

    The information domain has been a focus of military and civil engagement since the dawn of the ages. Totalitarian regimes, for example, have historically used information operations for domestic social control and to exert international influence. The combination of connectivity and modern media has greatly amplified the potential effects on populations, including populations with extensive access to traditional sources of news as well as social media. The information domain has become critical both to stability and to multi-domain operations in modern warfare. I2O programs focus on understanding online activity, building better technical models of strategic and tactical operations in the information domain, and building on these to create improved situational awareness to inform strategic decision-making.

    Former DIO/CIA now at DARPA focused on Social Media MI/AI:
    moved to Lockeed then to DARPA:
    Note in CV = “ISX Corp” is listed = CIA front company: (Website present, yet no information)
    Kettler’s Program:
    “Brian Kettler joined DARPA in March 2019. His research interests include automated decision support (AI reasoning and planning), computational modeling of sociocultural systems, human-machine collaboration, and context-aware computing…including pre-conflict competition.”


    Scrubbing/Spyin on Third World and “Low Level” Languages in SOCIAL MEDIA:
    Dr. Brian Kettler
    ” the overall goal will not be translating foreign language material into English but providing situational awareness by identifying elements of information in foreign language and English sources, such as topics, names, events, sentiment and relationships. …(When) in which a sudden need emerges for assimilation of information by U.S. Government entities about a region of the world where low-resource languages are frequently used in formal and/or informal media. LORELEI capabilities will be exercised to provide situational awareness based on information from any language, in support of emergent missions such as humanitarian assistance/disaster relief, peacekeeping (in the 3rd world???) or infectious disease response.

    Media Forensics (MediFor) (Think of this one in reverse – develop a tool to enable the PERFECTION of image manipulation that is undetectable)
    Dr. Matt Turek

    Historically, the U.S. Government deployed and operated a variety of collection systems that provided imagery with assured integrity. In recent years however, consumer imaging technology (digital cameras, mobile phones, etc.) has become ubiquitous, allowing people the world over to take and share images and video instantaneously. Mirroring this rise in digital imagery is the associated ability for even relatively unskilled users to manipulate and distort the message of the visual media. While many manipulations are benign, performed for fun or for artistic value, others are for adversarial purposes, such as propaganda or misinformation campaigns.

    This manipulation of visual media is enabled by the wide scale availability of sophisticated image and video editing applications as well as automated manipulation algorithms that permit editing in ways that are very difficult to detect either visually or with current image analysis and visual media forensics tools. The forensic tools used today lack robustness and scalability, and address only some aspects of media authentication; an end-to-end platform to perform a complete and automated forensic analysis does not exist.

    DARPA’s MediFor program brings together world-class researchers to attempt to level the digital imagery playing field, which currently favors the manipulator, by developing technologies for the automated assessment of the integrity of an image or video and integrating these in an end-to-end media forensics platform. If successful, the MediFor platform will automatically detect manipulations, provide detailed information about how these manipulations were performed, and reason about the overall integrity of visual media to facilitate decisions regarding the use of any questionable image or video.


    Modeling Adversarial Activity (MAA)
    Dr. William Corvey

    The goal of the Modeling Adversarial Activity (MAA) program is to develop mathematical and computational techniques for modeling adversarial activity for the purpose of producing high-confidence indications and warnings of efforts to acquire, fabricate, proliferate, and/or deploy weapons of mass terror (WMTs). MAA assumes that an adversary’s WMT activities will result in observable transactions. While the probability that any one source alone will reveal a WMT threat may be low, the probability of detecting a WMT threat can be increased by appropriately integrating multiple sources of transaction data.

    MAA requires synthetic transaction data to drive the development of techniques and tools in ways that will avoid the privacy and classification issues that can be associated with real-world data. MAA will develop the means to create synthetic transaction data sets that are both realistic and fully releasable to the scientific community, i.e., data that contains neither personally identifiable information nor restrictions with respect to classification. Because transaction data may very naturally be modelled using graphs, mathematical and computational methods to enable large-scale graph analytics including graph alignment and merging, sub-graph detection, and sub-graph matching are of particular interest.

    Additional details are available at DARPA-BAA-16-61: Modeling Adversarial Activity.


    THE Tool for spreading the DISINFORMATION/LIES/NARRATIVE from the “MIONISTRY OF TRUTH” (NOTE it is Dr. Kettler once again)
    Social Simulation for Evaluating Online Messaging Campaigns (SocialSim)
    Dr. Brian Kettler

    A rapidly increasing percentage of the world’s population is connected to the global information environment. At the same time, the information environment is enabling social interactions that are radically changing how and at what rate information spreads. Both nation-states and nonstate actors have increasingly drawn upon this global information environment to promote their beliefs and further related goals.

    A simulation of the spread and evolution of online information, if accurate and at-scale, could enable a deeper and more quantitative understanding of adversaries’ use of the global information environment than is currently possible using existing approaches. At present, the U.S. Government employs small teams of experts to speculate how information may spread online. While these activities provide some insight, they take considerable time to orchestrate and execute, the accuracy with which they represent real-world online behavior is unknown, and their scale (in terms of the size and granularity with which populations are represented) is such that they can represent only a fraction of the real world. High-fidelity (i.e., accurate, at-scale) computational simulation of the spread and evolution of online information would support efforts to analyze strategic disinformation campaigns by adversaries, deliver critical information to local populations during disaster relief operations, and could potentially contribute to other critical missions in the online information domain.

    The goal of Computational Simulation of Online Social Behavior (SocialSim) is to develop innovative technologies for high-fidelity computational simulation of online social behavior. SocialSim will focus specifically on information spread and evolution. Current computational approaches to social and behavioral simulation are limited in this regard. Top-down simulation approaches focus on the dynamics of a population as a whole, and model behavioral phenomena by assuming uniform or mostly-uniform behavior across that population. Such methods can easily scale to simulate massive populations, but can be inaccurate if there are specific, distinct variations in the characteristics of the population. In contrast, bottom-up simulation approaches treat population dynamics as an emergent property of the activities and interactions taking place within a diverse population. While such approaches can enable more accurate simulation of information spread, they do not readily scale to represent large populations. SocialSim aims to develop novel approaches to address these challenges.


  5. Thank you for the update and all you and Juan do, you are appreciated! This is a fight for the future of our children and there children. This is 50+ years of evil that needs to be pulled out by the roots and burned so it never returns. This will not happen overnight, so people need to settle into the fight and understand this as we are fighting for a future of no evil…it’s not going to happen overnight. Everyone has something to contribute to the fight even if it’s just sharing information. Me I decided to work elections back in 2020 and doing inspection training this month. Whatever it is, it’s ok …maybe it’s $5 bucks here and there, maybe it’s just a conversation’s up to individuals to understand where they can help. Remember this is for the future and God’s innocent children! #GodWins

  6. This is definitely a frustrating time. We are here talking about the primaries and mid terms etc… but you can already see their shenanigans! I would be thrilled to see everything done by the book, but these evil people are the worst sort in history. We’re dealing with a bunch of Nazis and Demons. There’s no fair fighting going on. In the meantime they’re bringing terrorists across our borders who are all of them being aided in their travels by the UN and other three letter agencies. While we plug along.. by the book.. and work the process… they’re busy planning ways to blow us up and tear us down. And all of this with the help of our own government. We don’t have time for processes, and it is my sincere prayer that someone in control wakes up to this fact shorty.