Bloody Hill

Chapter 6

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Best Kept Secret

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    WE THE PEOPLES HAVE RISEN FROM THE ASHES LIKE A PHEONIX✊ great job Sean Thankyou and Blessings Brother fr CANADA

  2. Thank you for this masterpiece. So fitting you ended the series “for the children”. For it is written “a little child shall lead them”, and that we ALL must become like a child, Our Eternal Father knows us perfectly, we must trust in Him and His Great plan of Happiness! The “truth” will set us free. God Bless ✨

  3. Excellent – except this was one lesson short – LOOSH. Loosh is negative vibrational energy. The Archons/Draco manipulate Us so we create this negative – this inverted vibrational force which becomes our future – it’s creates our own matrix to limit us. [[[[They]]]] in-effect feed off this loosh we are conned into creating for them. Though negative – it’s is divine – because we are divine, so it allows them to take in this creation we have produced. [[[[They]]]] are unable to create themselves – they are not connected to The Source of All Vibration, Light, Love and Frequency ( God, Our Father )- so they con us into creating something – anything that they can live parasitically off of, all the while distracting us from the job of making Love/:Light vibrational energy – to create the flow of a bright, loving, caring, peaceful future in this experience. This is why they control the Media, Politicians, start wars, split personalities, poison us etc – to set up an environment of forebodedness where we lose hope for Peace – which simply becomes self-fulfilling as WE CREATE OUR OWN FUTURE. This only can for for [[[[them]]]] when we don’t know we are being manipulated to created loosh. The game is over once this is known – we will not willingly create negativity if we know that is their main game – and the only reason they can exist on this plane. We have the power – and it’s simply knowing their tactic and Loving each other. Love is Keystone.