Bloody Hill

Nino Rodriguez

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  1. Nino, your followers keep badgering you asking, “When is it going to end?” For their sake tell them to study the books of Daniel and Revelation from the Holy Bible.
    Now most don’t have the patience nor the ability to understand prophetic word. This is where commentary can save a lot of time and expediate ones research.
    However with no knowledge of the Bible the listeners will never know whether they’re led up the garden path or not.
    “Like leaves and reeds blown and tossed by the wind, they become shacks built on sand!” As I paraphrase from Soloman.

    You Tell them, in this New Free World That We Have To Forge For The Sake Of Our Species, there can No Longer be Any Excuse for IGNORANCE.
    Just listening to their impatient cries is no different to me than hearing the libtards scream at the sky when that witch lost the previous election.

    Yet I too have to apply good patience with these people and Emphasise The Whole Hard Truth.
    Which is that Everyone Has to be Educated and fast tracked at that.

    I’m an Educator and an amateur at that, yet my work speaks for itself.
    Now I wrote a book on my findings titled “MYSTERY 17” and released it on the 29th of February 2020.
    So far it has been eerily accurate, Germ Warfare, A.I. take Over and the Mid East Peace Plan all unfolded that year.
    These 3 items were written in the blurb on the back of the book for posterity to judge as they please.

    Am I a Prophet? No. Have I had visions? Yes. Most people do. I just paid more attention to mine
    and spent more time reading the scriptures, which is how my prognosis was so accurate.

    Now if God says this is going to be the worst time in the History of Mankind since Adam,
    Then as John has said time and time again and I can verify, this time of tribulation hasn’t even
    started yet.

    So for the sake of your impatient followers I’m expecting This Time of Tribulation to begin no later
    than mid 2023 and finish with the Grand Finale of the Battle of Armageddon by late December 2026.

    Now I hope I’m right for one reason. I don’t want my children to go through this alone.
    This is my Generation. My responsibility. This is my fight and I’m not going to wait for these Demons
    to choose when this is going to happen. No. Whatever I can do to prepare for this battle I’m doing
    now/ My conscience before God is clear.
    However if God has other plans and says Micky Boy your gonna have to sit this one out and eat my words,
    so be it. Like you Nino I don’t want to back down from this fight of the Millenia.
    I’m praying for God to bring it on, only it has to be in his own good timing,
    but just like the 5 Smart Virgins we need to be prepared with extra Oil because He will tarry.

    For those who would like to read the 8 page 2017 condenced version FREE ONLINE then goto:

    Then if anyone here would like the 100 page 2020 file for FREE, go to my site, email me a request
    and I’ll email you the file.

    Then for the Die Hard collectors, you show me a photo of you with your copy of “Kid by the side of the road”
    and I’ll send you a copy of my first edition, signed and at cost, (That’s $7.77USD + shipping or airfreight,
    normally $30 +)

    Why am I doing this, you may ask?
    Because I believe this man is, “Who He Is,” and I also believe we’re on the same side.
    Now the savvy will say that I’m an opportunist riding on the back of this site and Nino’s popularity,
    to get some free advertising, fair call.
    Then for you I say go to all three of my sites, read and see what I have done over these last 35 years
    since I began my journey. You’ll soon come to the realisation that men like me,Truthers, tend to make
    very little if anything from our works, for the establishment has seen to it that we fail at every turn.
    Then those of us like Stan Meyer and countless others whom succeed in getting into the public eye,
    are simply bumped off.
    Do you get it. My colleagues have been murdered for millennia.
    I had to wait 33 freakin years in obscurity and poverty to get to this point and swallowed a hell of a lot of
    humble bloody pie for the sake of saving my family.
    Remember these words, “Patience Proves Provident!”

    Still think I’m some shill, profiteer? Then watch this. While you were still sleeping; on my side of the world
    I was at the tip of the tip of your bloody spear!

    So why do I sound so defensive before even being attacked? Well if you’ve been in as many battles as i have
    over the last 35 years you’d know what to expect. Every Demon under the sun wants me dead!
    No, it’s by Gods Grace alone thats saved me and it’ll be by that very same grace that will restore this planet
    with or without me.
    I say Expect the Worst and Prepare for it.
    But most importantly pray, study, share and do not be overly dismayed or consumed by those who don’t
    want to listen. Jesus said in these days Let those who do good or evil continue to do so, but you do what you
    believe to be right, Walk in Faith, Hope and Persevere in Love. For the whole world is being tested, like going through
    the refiners fire. For No One ever is spared, for God loves us all and what kind of Father does not discipline his children,
    but only he who does not love them.

    Lets finish this race well
    May God bless and protect you all,
    in the name of his son Jesus I pray,
    so be it, amen.

    Michael Banjanin

  2. Nino, thank you for all you do. I am not one of your panicked followers. I have been listening to Juan long enough to have pieced this together along with him and you. I love your sense of humor. My mother has been staying with me for awhile while she goes through rehab and is always asking me what the hell I am laughing at so hard in the mornings. I tell her “Monkey pox! You’re up to bat!” OMG. I thought I would die laughing the day you said that. Your sense of humor keeps me going and gives me something to look forward to with my coffee. Please let me know if you are ever headed to Wisconsin.

  3. Nino-

    First off love your podcast and your efforts in the battle to save this country! My brother Brad Starnes is running for State Rep in Kansas and looking for any way that you could help. He has been a life long supporter of conservative values and America First! – a person that truly walks the walk. He is a recently retired superintendent of schools and wants to get directly in the fight. The Kansas primary is in August. Any support or ideas to get his message out would be greatly appreciated.

    God bless you!
    Best regards,

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