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Joey Gilbert

Joey Gilbert: Fighting for Nevada

Nevada needs a fighter, Nevada needs Joey Gilbert. Get in the fight with Joey Gilbert today! Prepared to lead and serve Nevada from day one. Get in the fight with […]

Joey Gilbert – NV Governor Debate Closing statement:

Joey Gilbert closes out the debate with what he has been fighting for and what he stands for. Get in the fight with Joey Gilbert today: 👊🏽Visit: 👊🏽Donate: […]

Joey Gilbert Speaking at ReAwakening Tour in Tampa

Joey Gilbert speaks to a huge crowd in Tampa on Clay Clarkes ReAwakening Tour (Visited 146 times, 1 visits today)

Ted Nugent Endorses Joey Gilbert

Ted Nugent says Joey Gilbert is a great warrior for freedom RENO, Nev. – February 14, 2021 – Rock and Roll legend and freedom-loving philanthropist Ted Nugent has given a […]

Support from former Trump National Security Advisor adds momentum to Gilbert’s candidacy

RENO, Nev.—Dec. 3, 2021— General Michael Flynn, the former National Security Advisor in the Trump administration, has endorsed Joey Gilbert’s candidacy to become the next governor of Nevada, the Gilbert […]

Joey Gilbert on Real America with Dan Ball

Joey Gilbert talks about trying to take Nevada back from Dem Leadership (Visited 132 times, 1 visits today)

Joey Gilbert A man Among The People

Joey Gilbert Speaks with a constituent in Texas Get in the fight with Joey Gilbert today: 👊🏽Visit: 👊🏽Donate: 👊🏽Shop: 👊🏽Follow: @GilbertForGovernor on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik […]

Joey Gilbert – There will be Justice

Joey Gilbert on a Live explaining the people there will be justice for the families injured or killed by negligent doctors Get in the fight with Joey Gilbert today: 👊🏽Visit: […]

Joey Gilbert with the Hodgetwins – People Want Problems

November 2021 Joey Gilbert was asked to be on the Hodgetwins Show Here is a snippet Get in the fight with Joey Gilbert today: 👊🏽Visit: 👊🏽Donate: 👊🏽Shop: […]

Joey Gilbert and Clay Clark – On The Right Side With Doug Billings

The Right Side with Doug Billings – February 14, 2022 Doug Billings – Get in the fight with Joey Gilbert today: 👊🏽Visit: 👊🏽Donate: 👊🏽Shop: 👊🏽Follow: […]

Thank You Las Vegas & Thomas & Enrique…. & @MILO’S in the Venetian.

So great to see all the beautiful smiling faces in the resorts now again. I have missed that love and energy!! ❤️🙏🏼✨ What a meal & great COMPANY tonight. And […]

Joey Gilbert at Freedom Rally in Carson City, NV

Joey Gilbert speaks at the Freedom Rally in Carson City Nevada at the Nevada State Capitol. Joey Gilbert continues to show up for your freedoms. Get in the fight with […]

Joey Gilbert – Carson City Feisty Goat

Joey Gilbert shows up to be a judge at the feisty Goast fundraiser for a chili cook of Get in the fight with Joey Gilbert today: 👊🏽Visit: 👊🏽Volunteer: […]

Joey Gilbert – Interview in Carson City Freedom Rally

2/20/22 – Carson City, Nv Joey Gilbert Speaks on his Gubernatorial campaign for the state of Nevada. Get in the fight with Joey Gilbert today: 👊🏽Visit: 👊🏽Volunteer: 👊🏽Donate: […]

Joey Gilbert – Gloves 🥊 🥊 Are Now Off….

Just found out “Basement Joe Lombardo” is now using his so called “front runner” status (ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS BUD) to keep me out of candidate forums like the […]

Joey Gilbert – Battle Born Hunters

7th Annual Battle Born Hunters Association at The Nugget —in Sparks, NV Yep, just dipped out of the chipino feed.. Get in the fight with Joey Gilbert today: 👊🏽Visit: […]

Joey Gilbert – David Nino Rodriguez and Justin Andersch Support

Thank you David Nino Rodriguez and Justin Andersch For giving your full support and YES! I have a great team around me!👈💯 Full interview here: To Get in The Fight: […]

Joey Gilbert Talks Recent Events on The Johnny Bru Show

Joey Gilbert is a firebrand lawyer from Reno who has taken the Conservative Grassroots Movement by storm. We ask the gubernatorial candidate about the recent CCSD statistics released about violence […]

Joey Gilbert – Lexit Nevada President Endorses Nevada Governor Candidate Joey Gilbert

Frankie Rodriguez says Joey Gilbert is here for the people of Nevada RENO, Nev. – March 3, 2022 – Lexit Movement leader Frankie Rodriguez has become the latest influential endorser […]

Joey Gilbert – Peavine Taphouse East and Beats

3/3/22 Reno, Nv Speaking at a fundraiser to share my plan for the state of Nevada. We stand up together and we win this together. Thank you to everyone who […]

Joey Gilbert – This week on Politics Now with host John Langeler

-John interview republican gubernatorial candidate and attorney Joey Gilbert about sentencing reform, Nevada’s water problems, and education…/politics-now-march-6-2022/ Get in the fight with Joey Gilbert today: 👊🏽Visit: 👊🏽Volunteer: […]

Joey Gilbert – Very powerful Speech

This is how we take our country back! Get involved! Get in the fight with Joey Gilbert today: 👊🏽Visit: 👊🏽Volunteer: 👊🏽Donate: 👊🏽Shop: 👊🏽Follow: @GilbertForGovernor on Facebook, […]

Joey Gilbert – 🥊 🥊 Joins David NINO Rodriguez

Joey Gilbert – “A Fighter for Freedom!” on David Nino Rodriguez Get in the fight with Joey Gilbert today: 👊🏽Visit: 👊🏽Volunteer: 👊🏽Donate: 👊🏽Shop: 👊🏽Follow: @GilbertForGovernor on […]

Oklahoma Businessman, Pastor, and Candidate for U.S. Senate Endorses Nevada Governor Candidate Joey Gilbert

RENO, Nev. – March 10, 2022 – U.S. Senate candidate Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer is among the many uncompromising America First supporters to endorse Nevada gubernatorial candidate Joey Gilbert. Lahmeyer is […]

Joey Gilbert: ReAwaken Tour Speech (San Diego, Ca)

March 11th 2022 Joey Gilbert lights up the crowd with fire right before Eric Trump Jr’s talk At ReAwaken Tour in San Diego, CA Get in the fight with Joey […]

Nevada Election Integrity Featuring Capt. Seth Keshel, Joey Gilbert, Carolina Serrano

March 10th 2022 Las Vegas, Nv Joey Gilbert has Election Integrity Event at Calvary Chapel with Seth Keshel, Carolina Serrano and Pastor Jimmy Morales Get in the fight with Joey […]

Joey Gilbert “The Fighter that ready to take on the powers that be.” Episode 10 Blood Money PODCAST

Vem Miller interviews Nevada Governor candidate Joey Gilbert, former boxer, a contender, and a lawyer who has sued Nevada when they closed down churches due to Covid 19, a fight […]

Joey Gilbert – Live in Las Vegas

Joey Does a live After a full day in Las Vegas talking about the KeyStone Governor’s debate and a few other events in Southern Nevada Get in the fight with […]

One-on-one with Nevada Governor candidate Joey Gilbert (News 4 & Fox 11)

Joey Gilbert said the number one issue in Nevada is education and he called the current school system ‘broken,’ pointing to studies that show Nevada ranking near the bottom when […]


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