Bloody Hill

Is-Ra-El? Yashar-Al

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  1. Is-Ra-El? A rhetorical question? The adversaries play on words? Or, the backside of the Most High, because if he looked upon us we would die?
    The death of the Black Feathered Serpent, and the birth of the White Feathered Serpent America is to meant to be.
    America in the Native tongue was Ameruka, meaning feathered serpent. The Mayans and the Aztec both worshipped that black serpent. They sacrificed human beings to their god, and their chief would take a bite of the hearts of those sacrifices.
    Ra, the Egyptian god of the underworld, or in other words, death, hell, and the grave. This is the adversaries version or word play.
    When sin entered the world, confusion of words entered with it. The flip-side is Ar. We Ar(e) the apple of His eye. We, as children of The Most High Creator of all, Are; We are; we exist.
    He created us in His image. God is Spirit, no one has seen the Father except The One that He sent. So, what image? We are created in the image of His Name. The Name above all names. The Tetragrammaton; the Name consists of four letters.
    YOU are created in His image, do not bring His Name to naught by worshipping falsely.
    The Church fathers have done exactly that.
    The Holy Spirit (from the Greek), is the spirit of the church, teaching lies from the pulpit. They have profaned the Name of The Set-Apart Spirit of The Most High.
    Messiah said to Peter, ” You can profane the Name of the Father, and you can profane The Name of The Son, but DO NOT profane The Name of The Set Apart Spirit. The Ruach Ha Kodesh. All of Christianity has done this. Now America is paying for it. Now He is punishing those He loves, and forsaking those that do not Repent for their false worship.
    The Ceasers would have you believe Saturn is Satan, I beg to differ. Shabbatei has the same root as Shabbat, or Sabbath in English. The Most High created everything in Six days, on the Seventh day He RESTED.
    THAT IS WHEN THE ENEMY PLANTED AN EVIL SEED IN THE GARDE, while The Father of creation was resting. Without Shabbat(ei) we have NO REST!
    Messiah is ruler of Shabbat(ei).
    If you want to follow the way of the Nicolaitans, that is your free will to do so. For myself I chose The Set-Apart Spirit, so I can be set apart unto The Most High Father of creation.
    I have lot’s of knowledge, but I have not met anyone that wants to hear it, especially those in the church.
    Theology 101 teaches there has been at least 25 other Christ’s. All of them are Sun gods; Horus, Tammuz, Apollo, Nimrod, etc.
    To be a theologian does NOT mean you know Him. Sun-day worshippers don’t know Him.
    He resurrected just before twilight on The Sabbath Day. No one saw Him until after the Sabbath was over. He died on what we call Wednesday, and was resurrected 72 hours later. That particular Wednesday was a High Sabbath, called Passover.
    The Christian celebrates the death and resurrection of the Sun, not The Son.
    As far as turning around the curses? Take the eye of ra out of Ham; take the eye of ra out of him. Turn it around and stand in The Light of Ar, because We Ar(e) and The AL Mighty is The ONE. The strong Ar(m) that was the ra(m).
    Everything the enemy did in 5500 years turns to smithereens real quick.
    Instead of looking at the cross, or worshipping the cross, get on your cross and break the spell the enemy has over you. Just know that you may lose everything for His Name sake. Heart ache, yes. Regrets? None.
    By the way, I am here to crush the serpents heads.
    “Don’t tread on me” ?
    Oh I Will tread! The seed of the woman, Eve, does crush the serpents heads.
    I fear no man, or what they can do to me, for YHUH is with me always and Forever. Amein and AleiluYAH!

  2. Pleeze forgive the typos my friends.
    Today I will simply say, I asked God the Father to be my “Daddy” when I was six years old, because my Daddy did not want me. Mom and Dad divorced when I was an infant. He beat me and my sibling in our infancy. My sibling, because he was scared of the dark. Me, because he couldn’t hear the damn tell-a-vision. I was 3 or 4 months old when he beat me black and blue from head to toe. Can anyone say “TBI”? Blacked my eyes, knotted my head and body, and legs with bumps and bruises.
    I did not know about God’s only begotten Son until I was older. I had heard about Him, but did not know Him. I grew up with all the Christian holidays, but stopped practicing them when I learned The Name (which was told to me in a whisper upon awakening one morning after fervent prayer the night before). I also quit eating scavengers, those are not good for our bodies. I trust My Father to provide what I need, and I trust The Set-Apart Spirit to teach me all I need to know.
    I’ve been down the rabbit hole to obtain Serpent wisdom; but I don’t like what I see, and I have always disliked numbers. Therefore, I do not have a lot of Serpent wisdom, but know of their black Magik witchcraft and Kabbalistic crooked path. I am aware of some of the secret societies and their Nephalim practices. I thank The Most High for when He takes the names of the ba’alim out of our mouths.
    Those that worship Satan are worshipping Zeus and the Son of Zeus is who those recognize.
    The Ceaser took the statue of Zeus fom Pergamum and set it up as Peter in the Church. People kiss that statues feet every day of the year. People that worship planets are in for a big surprise, Jupiter, Yupiter, “Yu-Peter”. Peter was hung on an upside down cross, and Paul had the Stigmata. The Stigmata is the one that is the adversary. The Lion King had holes in His wrists, not His palms. Let us not forget, He called Peter “Satan” twice, and followed up with someone taking Peter where he did not want to go.
    The Church changed the ten commands! They altered His Word! They are also guilty of changing the Set-Apart Times in exchange for Pagan holidays.
    Now the calendars are all screwed up!
    I have lost everything for His Name sake because I refuse to practice such nonsense.
    I may not have been able to keep the commands, but I do guard them with all of my heart. When I fail, I Repent! I turn away from in hopes of never returning to that act.

    I honestly hope to help save souls. I do not care what man can do to my body. I fear chastisement from my Heavenly Father who can destroy both body and soul. Man can only destroy the body, which is only a house for my soul. I should not defile it, but even Joshua needed a new robe. I may need one too, who knows? Only the Father knows some things. He does not tell us everything; and some things are common sense.

    I hope this touches many hearts and brings fruit to some trees.

    Have a wonder-filled day every-1

  3. Assignment for everyone who is called:
    Read all the words written in red of your new testament, then read Paul’s letters.
    1.Paul was a self proclaimed slave of Christ.
    2. Paul was educated in Tarsus, Greece, Rome, and Jerusalem.
    3. Paul was a Roman Citizen.
    4. Paul was a temple-builder.
    5. Paul was a murder.
    6. Paul was blinded, yet the true Lion King never blinded people.
    7. Paul saw a light, but it was a false light.
    8. Paul was related to King Herod.
    9. He laughed when Stephen was stoned to death.
    10. Stephen’s accusers layed their prayer shawls at Paul’s feet making him their King.
    (A Pharisee of Pharisee’s is a High Priest).
    11. John had to follow up every where Paul went to try and rectify Paul’s false teachings regarding The Law.
    12. Paul called Peter to Rome to save his own life, knowing full well Peter would be killed.
    13. Paul was hung from a tree with a rope, meaning he is accursed.
    14. Paul boasted of the Stigmata. The Stigmata is holes in the palms and feet, while the the Lion King had holes in his wrists. This is the difference between being crucified upside-down and right-side up.

    Tarsus was an epicenter of education, and an economic hub. From Ibri it would be translated to English as TRSU. These letters equal six hundred and sixty-six.

    Are you one those “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”?
    I say Peter fell victim to Simon Magus and Shaul/Paul. A Magus is a chief magician that would love to have the power of The Set-Apart Spirit, and Simon Magus tried to buy it. Peter scolded him and sent him away. Magus made his way to Rome and convinced Ceaser he, himself, was Peter and full of the Set-Apart Spirit by his black Enochian Magick.
    Two parts truth to one part lie sounds good, but is false.
    “If they say I am in the desert, do not believe”.
    Yet everyone believes Paul saw The Light.

    Test every spirit!
    May your hearts be touched and may your eyes and ears be opened. For those who have The Set-Apart Spirit hear The Set-Apart Spirit.
    Praise His Set-Apart Name!

    Have a Great Day!

    1. What are your thoughts on what Yahusha said to Peter in Matthew 16:18. “I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.” That was a promise. It was a promise that the gates (defensive) of Hades would not withstand the onslaught of His church. Please do not take this as a defense of the Roman Church. I am genuinely wanting your thoughts on this promise made by Yahusha. Has it already been fulfilled? Has the Millennial Kingdom already been ushered in. Are we now in HaSatan’s short season (Rev 20) where he is loosed for a short time and deceives the nations?

  4. I Am The Stick
    I Am His Stick
    I Will hold Him Up
    Always and For-Ever
    My Love
    I Am His Rib
    Bone of His bone
    Flesh of His Flesh
    We AR(e) Echad
    Praise My Heavenly Father!
    Thank You for Your Son
    He is my Advocate
    You AR(e) My Everything
    I praise Your Name, Heavenly Father, that You created Me In the image of.
    Much love to all who hear what is being said.

  5. Who is Old (Saint) Nick,

    Going to and fro,
    Winking with the eye,
    Sin City,
    And a dream of satanic rituals under one’s hotel suites.

    Strange things happening here.

    One is Apollyon/ A-bad-don
    One is a Robber and a thief
    One is Son of Zeus
    One is the Great Red Dragon

    All of it is Greek to Me:
    The decorated trees with all their idols underneath. Sales and bells, garlands and wreaths and mistletoe to boot. All while you celebrate the birth of Tammuz, Horus, and Apollo too!
    Then comes Peter Rabbit and His basket of dyed eggs, Ishtar, Semaramis and the queen of the damned. All with her creatures of the night such as the owl, and her snake eggs dipped in the blood of babes.
    All of this you worship America in place of The One who died for your sins. Iniquity does not mean sin, iniquity is lawlessness.
    Voting for the head of this country is a vote for a beast, a beast that keeps you a straw-man. Straw burns like stubble and piggies burn for hours on end. Gluttons for gain is all I see, don’t you know Santa is an anagram of Satan? Do you not have eyes to see? And ears to hear?

    CIA Clowns In Action
    Roman Catholic Serpent Head
    Wolves in Sheep’s clothing
    All of them are bad
    Jesuit trained Pastor’s
    Bashing babies heads
    Jesuit education system
    Masonic Mortar board worn on your head
    Magus, Maga, Magi, head of church of Satan
    Magi-strates have ruined this land.
    Justice judged
    Marked next
    Seal those seeking the Narrow path
    The robbed chase the hunters away
    Taking chance to a new level of tumult
    YHUH’s Set Apart Spirit poured out
    To some it is His glory
    To some it is His Wrath
    The Light becomes brighter
    Darkness to be exposed.

    Jacobs Trouble just ahead

    America/ Quetzalcoatl has become the serpent on the pole, for everyone looks to America to save the world. The Dragons head on the West Coast, China the heart, Area of Finland spills it’s seed into Europe continuously. Mexico and South America, the tail. The ring of fire in it’s midst is where that dragon will end up. Along with the beast, the false Messiah and the false prophet. I say,

    Heavenly Father will take vengeance on those that sought vengeance without Him, and for the trickery they played on His only begotten daughter.

    Praise YHUH Melek Zedek! In whose image we are made!

    Much love

  6. The Three Beasts

    YHUH returns as three Beasts, a lion, a leopard, and a bear.
    The lion, The head of gold. The bear, the arms of silver. The leopard,
    The loins of brass.
    Mystery Babylon will be conquered.
    “Come out of her My people”.
    We all know iron and clay don’t mix! Why does everyone want a Roman Republic form of government?

    The evil head of the serpent has been crushed. The Vatican’s audience hall is a serpents head. Quetzalcoatl, the black flying serpent of the Amiruka’s is dead.
    Amiruka is America in the Native tongue, and it means “Flying Serpent”. The Aztec and the Mayans sacrificed humans to this black demonic snake. The Chiefs of those tribes would take a bite out of the still beating hearts.

    Satan means Adversary. The Nicolaitans are the Adversary. The statue of Peter in the Vatican is actually the statue of Zeus from Pergamum. The one girding Peter’s loins when he is Old takes him where he does not want to go.
    John pulled the teeth from the name of Messiah and laid them on the ground in Jerusalem. They chose Barabbas (son of the father’s), The Church with it’s many fathers? They chose Caeser as their king.
    I have a King, YHUH is His Name!
    I do not choose Caeser or their son.
    The Church changed the ten commands at the council of Nicea. They took out the one about idols, and they took out the only one that starts with “Remember”. The true commands used to be in our schools and our court rooms, but they were removed under Bush. People in this land called Obama their Messiah. An abomination, he and his he/she wife. A baphomet was set up, satanic coloring books passed out in elementary schools. When will the people care less about gain, and fight the good fight against the evils in this country? I pray all who read this stand up and knock down the statues this country worships. Idolizing the stars of holy(l)y-wood! Graven images are for the damned. When Obama mocked The Most High, people laughed, while I cried. Get off your pews in those temples made with hands! Pick up your cross! FIND THE NARROW PATH, Walk through The Door of YaHUDaH, America, because everyone around the world is looking to America to save them from EVIL.

    Some are saying Cronus has become Zeus; if I say that in Ibri (Hebrew) it is saying Shabbatei has become Zedek. In Latin it would be, Saturn has become Jupiter.
    Let those that have ears to hear, hear what the Set-Apart Spirit says.

    Stop false worship! End it now!

    Shiloh Come!
    YHUH my King of Righteousness
    YHUH my Ishi
    I am in Him and He is in me.
    We ARe Echad.

  7. Crushing Serpents Heads

    A rattle snake on a flag
    Poisonous are they
    “Don’t tread on me”
    They say
    The seed of the woman
    Crushed the head of the poisonous serpents
    The U.S. Military heads and their draconian ways.
    Pentagram Pentagon
    Dangerous are they?
    They teach our son’s to play at the adder’s hole.
    Some of our son’s have even drank serpent blood.
    For what reason do they do this? I ask, I need to know.
    My son wanted to be a youth Pastor.
    He wanted to shepherd the lambs.
    He went to a Jesuit run College of The Nazarene.
    Theology 101 taught him there have been MANY Christ’s.
    I know only One that was born 9/11/3 BCE, all the others were born 12/25/?.
    Anyway, My son decided not to believe.
    His wife left him the year she joined the Navy. Then he went on to join the Army. He wanted to join the Marines, but he has a bad knee that prevented that.
    So, the U.S Army taught My son to worship Odin, the Norse god of war. They made a killer out of him so he could stand guard over oil.
    After three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and wounds in the groin from some radical that blew herself up, he went on to serve that god. Then it was a TBI that sent him home. Thank Go(o)d(ness) he is still alive.
    Not only that I am blessed to have a beautiful granddaughter with a name that means Morning Grace!
    Death has no sting anymore, because she is the tail of Scorpio. Her Daddy’s name means Justice Judged. How ’bout that!
    The God of all god’s, God the Father, and God the only begotten Son, be praised.
    However, My baby boy, who is this grown man now, needs a lot of prayer . I still hope he is a prodigal son to this day. I won’t give up hope, you see. I refuse to give up hope.
    Never, say never.
    I hope you all have a blessed and Wonder-filled day in The Name above all names,
    YHUH be praised, Glory to His Name. So be it according to your will Father in Heaven.

  8. The Lamb

    An angel with a rainbow over his head; one foot in the sea, and the other foot on the land, had a book in his hand.
    The angle gave the book to John. He ate (read) it, and tasted (sounded) good, but it was bitter to his stomach (sour, nauseating to his soul, his spirit).

    John cried, why?
    Can anyone say, OMG?

    When suddenly a lamb with seven horns and seven eyes appeared before the throne.
    Someone had picked up their cross and walked through The Door. She was told she is the first to be saved, and the last to be redeemed. She has been the eyes and ears of The Most High for years.
    Who is She? You may ask.
    She is The Ruach Ha Kodesh (Set-Apart Spirit).
    She had the Holy Spirit until 1996, but the Greek house pierced her heart in a most wicked way.
    In 1999 when she heard about JFK Jr.’s plane crash, she prayed for him and his family and grieved his death.
    Life became a desert, a dry place with no life in it. Only harshness and loneliness. Begging God for a drink of water, that never came.
    In 2003 her husband died leaving her desolate. Widowed and thirsty, she asked for death, but The Father told her to read Jonah 2-4.

    The desert dryness did not stop until 2010 when she asked The Father for His true Name. The Name above all names was Heaven sent straight to her ears as she came awake. He sent her His Set-Apart Spirit to teach her and guide her along the Narrow path that leads to The Door. The Door leads to The Throne of Heavenly Father. On June 9-11, 2021 She picked up her cross and went through The Door.
    He was not concerned with the outside of her vessel, only the inside, which He loves with all of His heart.
    It is no longer I, but The Set-Apart Spirit that leads. I do not follow any other spirit, nor am I afraid of them. I do not follow man, for there is none that is righteous you see.

    I would love to meet the John that cried for me some day.

    Much Love to everyone,
    Mercy, Compassion, and Peace to all

  9. Gold tried by fire

    Russell Jay Gould holds the title 4 Flag of The USA, Inc. Having One foot in the water (Maritime Law) and One foot on the land (Common Law/ Law of the land), he is selling the birth certificate of “The Nativity”.

    Russell= Little Red
    Jay = Jacob
    Gould= Gold

    Is he “Gold tried by fire”?

    Yes he was arrested and beaten, you might say he was tried alright. However, what he is doing is just wrong.

    Creating the matrix with a quantum computer and a quantum language.
    A virtual kingdom in a virtual world with virtual money, with him as it’s virtual king.

    He has said he is “I AM”, yet he does not know The Father’s Name.
    “Eyeh Ashur Eyeh”, meaning, “I Am that I Am”, or “I will be who I will be”.

    A man with dream catchers everywhere and puffed up with pride, awaiting to release his kingdom of locusts from the pit and chain the great red dragon and put him into that pit.

    Little Red is a Herod

    The Lamb that picked up her cross and went through The Door, She was tried by fire. Her feet touched hell, and she screamed, “No Daddy, No”! She was jerked out. Seven eyes of evil and seven eyes of good. The Seven eyes of evil were closed upon request, and Seven horns came up in their place. All this and a crown on her head with The Name written across her forehead.
    Praise His Name forever more!
    Glory to The Most High! Melek Zedek!

    Her whole name means ” Raised up Mary Peace in The Name”, in Hebrew.
    It means “golden” in Korean. And “royal meadow” in English. A royal meadow is tranquil waters.

    “Buy from me gold tried by fire”, without money.

    The Father and The Son share the same name after John pulled the teeth from The Son’s name. The tribe The Door is in also has this Name in it. The One coming is The Law-Giver that also shares this Name. His Name is NOT “Russell”.
    The Name of The only begotten daughter, also has The Name above all Names in it.

    I know Juan wants to pull the teeth, but I must say, she is NOT evil. Nor is she a dark angel. Truth is Truth. It is not abstract, deformed, or distorted.

    The Western world is Greek in it’s thought processes. It is abstract.Nicolaitan in it’s ways. The Most High is not impressed.
    Do not choose the way of Jesus Barabbas, but Joshua.

    Remember, Messiah said The Name of The Father and The Son would be profaned.

    The first century Scribes did this. Yeshua, became Yesu, which became Iesus, nd Iesous, and later Jesus
    There was a goddess already by that name, so they had to add an “s” to put it in masculine form

    Be careful what you pray for.
    You just might get it.

    A Roman Republic? Makes America a debt slave.

    I want a “government of Well Being” for all peaceful people’s across the world.

    I for one am tired of being a debt slave to a Roman beast.

    Praise His Name!

    I have grown tired of the Greek/Roman way.
    Get on your rat wheel and run it all the day so you can pocket your fiat or virtual monies. Money is what you all seem to worship. Give to this or that, Donate here or there, 501c3 non-profit with a man to sit in a chair that leads the board IS EQUAL TO 666. SOULS SOLD TO SATAN, is what these are! Come out of her My people! Leave the cities! Most of that money goes to Rome’s Caeser. Dressed in Scarlet and gold, her skirts up, Jerusalem was made a whore with her many Caeser’s as her King. I SHALL NOT tolerate this Magician trikery ANYMORE, nor will I abide in any temple made with hands!

    Enough is ENOUGH!

    I will give New Jerusalem to the scribe which came out of the East, and he shall hold JUDAH as a slave until they bring ME to him. I will separate the sheep from the goats! And Righteousness will reign the Earth.

    New Jerusalem was born in America! It is to Me the Serpent and the Old Lion were given, and the adder and the young lion are mine as well!

    YHUH be praised
    Melek Zedek lives forever!

  10. The Black Crow vs. The White Crow

    The Crow usually fly in large flocks. They are Omnivores, meaning they eat animals (such as small rodents), and plants, and are scavengers. They will also eat smaller birds, as well as eggs. They follow wolf packs for a easy meal.
    The White Crow will fly and feed alongside the black crow. The White Crow has albinoism, but not all have pink eyes.
    However, black crow avoid the white crow.
    They will flee their prey when the white crow comes near. In.flight, they try to steer clear of it at times.
    Seems to me, the black crow recognize the White Crow as some sort of Alpha. However, a crow is a crow is a crow. It’s color, or the lack thereof, does not change what it is, nor does it alter it’s diet.

    A black crow diving into a Great Northern Pine, attacked The Dove in Her Nest.

    A fight ensued, and The Dove fell to the ground.

    The crow robbed the nest of The Dove, and flew away with her featherless baby.

    The Dove rose up to spread Her wings and fly upward.

    No longer did she have a nest to protect,
    She moved on to build another.

    The Lone Dove with no one to stand beside Her.

    The Dove is The Set-Apart Spirit of The Most High, Malek Zedek, King of Righteousness.

    The Black Crow is Father Time.

    Russell Jay Gould calls himself “Father Time”, “The One”, The I Am”.

    The White Crow is “The Republic”.

    The Set-Apart One wants no part of this.

  11. Turning Everything Around:

    The land of Nod became the land of Don.
    The dog became a god.
    17 became 8 and is twisted in it’s ways
    Q became R
    R for “Rewind”, “Re-awakening”, “Re-start”, “Re-set”, and “Re-public”.
    One became Eno
    Throne became e-North
    E-mail became laim-e

    Ra became Ar, but who listens?

    The net is full of fish. 153? Or is it 153,000,000,…? Those get cooked, fried and eaten.

    To have another Republic, is to invite that Roman Beast that keeps us debt slaves.

    Remember the beast with 10 horns and 10 crowns? It comes up out of the sea, like a leviathan.

    Realize with your own real eyes, that the military control game is a matrix. Pentagon ruled, pentagram rules.

    I keep hearing “this is the time of the Greeks” Although, shortlived it will be.
    They will have their leviathan and wish they didn’t. They will seek death, and it won’t come to them. The land of the serpent will eat dust, because people do not seek what they don’t want.
    The Almighty is NOT being sought in this country. The only thing being sought is cleaning the outside of the cup, but inside it is full of dead men’s bones.
    Lies in the pulpits of religion and in politics. And everyone Ooos and ahhhs.

    Being slain in the spirit is what they seek, and it will be what they get.

    Father times time is running out.
    Santa’s time is running out.
    Easter bunnies time is running out.
    America is on it’s last breath, because her son’s are full of self pride; puffed up “Macho Men” that want to rule the world, or just work for self gain. Saving children is a good work, but still just works. Caring is good, but if The Almighty Set Apart Spirit is not sought, then it only leads to works.

    Cain stole Adams robe that Heavenly Father made for him.
    Eve always trying to save her son, Cain, but all he cares about is himself. What good Mother wouldn’t try.
    She falls in love with him, because he has Adams robe. He looks like her Adam, but is not.

    Justice Judged does not mean Cain is not.

    A crow is still a crow.
    Good works will get you no where.
    It only cleans the outside of the cup.
    And, your horse will not save you.

    False god’s
    False religion
    False control in virtual reality.
    The beast is what you all asked for and it is what you all got. It is coming at light speed.

  12. Losing Everything For His Name Sake:

    I am a Mother of five Son’s and one Daughter. I would have seven children, but one did not make it into this world. I’m sure there is a reason for everything. .
    Before I start, let me say, my children are my pride and my joy. They are my life’s work and gifts from The King of Righteousness.

    My childhood:

    My parent’s divorced before I was even a year old, due to the beatings Daddy dished out to the three of us. Mother made him leave at gunpoint after he beat me severely with head trauma. My Brother is fourteen months older than me and was the receiver of more beatings than myself. Teething makes babies cry sometimes. Some are scared of the dark, etc.
    Mother had to work two and three jobs to make ends meet, occasionally a little help from her parent’s garden kept good food on the table. Daddy never paid a dime of child support, although it was only $80 a month. Mother had to give him money just so he would take us for a weekend occasionally. The money was supposed to be so he could do something with us, like grab an ice cream cone or a dollar movie. However, it usually went into Daddy’s pocket for cigarettes or liquor. Rarely did Daddy even show up to get us. More times than not, Me and Bubba would still be sitting on the curb with a packed suitcase when Mama came home from one job to get ready for her second job.
    Most weekends were spent with my Grandparents (Mama’s parent’s). A stable environment, fresh home cooked meals, a yard to play in, etc. Although, the words, “I love you” we’re NEVER spoken. Mother’s family was quite large, and everyone favored my brother. “Cotton top” was a nickname for him, with hazel eyes, fair skin, just like Mama. He was more outgoing than I was. I was very timid as a child. Grandpa scared me with his size and his booming voice, and foot stomping. A switch was used for leg lashes if we misbehaved usually, sometimes a yard stick or wooden spoon. Getting dropped off at their house was the highlight of my life; I felt safe with my Grandma, but to my Grandpa, I looked like the Jew and Native American mix of my Daddy, so he called me a “Sand-nigger” quite often, especially in the Spring and Summer. Just like Mama would say, you look just like your Daddy, and I was disliked for it. As if I could do anything about it. I liked my hair long, but no one in my family did, so they kept it short. I did not like looking like a boy.

    At six, brushing my teeth, I thought to myself, ” These are my arms, my hands, my fingers, my head, my face, etc.” Noticing the word “my” before each part, I wondered, ” If this body belongs to me, what am I”? “What makes it go”? Then looking closely into my eyes in the mirror, I thought I would see what it was, but all I could see was “my” eyes.
    So, I asked Mama, “What’s in my body”? What makes it go”? “If it belongs to me, what am I”? She said, “God, The Father that created everyone and everything”. When I went to bed on my pallet on the floor, I asked “God, will you be my Daddy, because mine does not want me”? The whole year following, I went through “some kind of phase” that drove everyone crazy. I felt I did not “belong” anywhere. I did not look like the rest of the family. I was different than all the others. Some said I became withdrawn; others said I was the “black” sheep of the family. So, I drove them crazy asking if I was adopted, and everyone I asked told me no.

    There are a lot more traumatizing events that took place in my early childhood. For example, forced to eat on the floor at the baby sitters house like a dog. Not seeing Mama for six months. That lady’s daughter stood me in fire ants and told me not to move or she would kill me. Well, fire ant bites from head to toe, in every oriphis of my little four year old body made me extremely ill. Or being scalded with hot water that made my little body blister like crazy. Forced to drink bleach water. Made to stand in the corner and pee my pants for 12 hours over a piece of bubble gum in my hair.

    At ten years old, Mother remarried. At eleven that man entered my bedroom and touched me in the wrong way. I was so scared. I think now, he did this to my stepsister more than me, but this is when I became rebellious. I got angry and started fighting back the bullies at school. I was a loner, until a few children accepted me into the wrong crowd. I had a job throwing a paper route seven days week, and they liked spending my money was more like. For punishment, my step-dad would make us carry a five gallon bucket of pea-gravel. I got caught skipping school, and was told to carry it up and down the street five times including making the complete cul-de-sac. I was told I was not allowed to change arms, nor could I stop to rest. I am petite mind you. To this day I have trouble with my shoulder slipping out of socket over that.
    I was so angry, and the bottle bursted forth. I could not believe my Mother would allow such things to go on. And my Grandparents too, after my outburst of anger, the whole family knew what was happening. Mother did not believe me until my stepsister stepped forward also. So, I had to put up with it until age fourteen.
    Mother moved us out, but not until he gave her compensation. That angered me further, because now she has placed a dollar value to what was happening to me. Now, I had succeeded in attaining my Dad’s “short temper, and rebellious nature”, as Mother would say to me. Mother said, I had made her life a living hell as she called me a “whore”. Now she had no husband, no money, and it was all my fault. She thought me a liar, and wished for me three times the hell she said I gave her. Mind you, I had just started dating my first boyfriend.

    So, at fourteen, I was literally dumped on my Dad’s Mother’s doorstep. I did not even know these people. I had not seen them in ten years.

    My Uncle Don was a musician, a war hero that fought in Vietnam five tours, and he got shot five times in the gut, to heal and go right back out to the front lines.
    I looked up to him. He asked me to babysit and paid me ten dollars for the job, only to turn around and tell the family I stole the ten dollars out of my Aunt’s purse, and Grandmother threw me to the curb.
    My Aunt picked me up and took me to her house to wait for my Dad. Things went alright until Summer. I wound up visiting My Mother and she wanted me to stay and work to help her out. So, I did, but her boyfriend got on my last nerve, so back to Dad’s I went. This time my Aunt’s husband picked me up and took me to their house, because my Dad was out of town until the following day. My Aunt introduced me to liquors and a date rape type drug that evening as she handed me a bloody Mary, it wasn’t long before my Aunt, Uncle, and his friend had their fun with my body. I never told my Dad, he would have killed them and I did not think “I” was worth it by now.

    To make a longer story short, let me just say, that my Step-sister stole my Dad’s small safe from the closet, broke into it and stole his money. I had been caught smoking before, so my Dad believed my step-Mother when she and my Step-sister told him I had done this dirty deed. I had not even known about the stupid safe, but I sure saw the belt in my Dad’s hand, belt buckle end ready to lash at me.
    Mother called, and Dad said, “Saved by the bell, it’s your Mother”. Mother told me to start walking and she would find me, so I did. Here I was walking down a big city street where I had no business being. Thank goodness Mother did find me a few hours later.
    All I ever wanted was to be “Daddy’s little girl”. Daddy’s are god in the eyes of a child. Mother’s are too.

    So, as a future wife and Mother, I prayed that I find a good husband and raise my children with stability like my Grandparent’s did. I asked my Grandmother, “What makes a marriage work like theirs did”? She said, “Stay the hell out of his way”. That’s it, nothing more.

    I did get to raise five out of seven of my children. I was a stay at home Mom. I pray David forgave me for giving our son, my firstborn up for adoption. We were both on the rebound when I conceived. I got saved at a Southern Baptist Church two weeks before I found out I was pregnant, somehow the whole church found out. Now the people that were so concerned about my being saved were shunning me, and the sermon was all about pregnancy out of wedlock, and girls that wear makeup. Giving my child, my firstborn baby to stranger’s put a hole in my heart the size of Texas, maybe even the galaxy. I tried to get him back, and according to Pennsylvania law, it should have happened immediately. The agency lied to me saying I had to come up with $60k, and falsely accused me of being a convicted criminal prior to this point in time.
    After a year and a half of trying to get him back, I thought it would not be good to rip him away from the only two people he knew as parent’s. That it may traumatize his little mind. So, I gave in and signed on the dotted line. The only reason I gave him up in the first place was because Mama said she would slam the door in my face if I showed up with a baby. The rest of my family said, “What would the neighbors think”? And, Mother asked me if I cared what this would do to her reputation. I was accused of not thinking of anyone but myself.

    When 9/11 happened, I made the call to find out if I could meet him. He was 18. We became best friends immediately. For eighteen years we were close and stayed in touch. He even called me “Mom” this entire time. But when he fell for a young woman that is into tarot cards, and found me to be against the tarot cards, he became very belligerent toward me. Went as far as to accuse me of dumping him in a trash dumpster, which I did not. “From dumpster baby to success without you”, he said. As broken hearted as I was, I let him have his rant. Maybe I deserved it, I thought.

    My second son grew up to become a peace officer in a city full of gangsters. He is now a detective.
    My third son is taking care of his Grandmother, because I couldn’t.
    My fourth son studied to become a mineral geologist. Loves the study of volcanoes, but is now an accountant.
    My fifth son is a jailer, working toward also becoming a peace officer.
    My daughter, my baby, is an artist and musician.

    I was sixteen years old when I married the first time. This young man was twenty-one, and he treated me as if I was gold until our wedding ended. He drank beer like a fish, I had not seen that so much when we dated. He went hunting a lot, or at least I thought so. We went out one time after marriage. A friend saw us, and came to our table to say hello. I was glad she was there because I didn’t know anyone there, although my husband knew lot’s of people there. He was dancing with one of his “friends”, when I went to the lady’s room. When I returned to our table, my drunk husband made false accusations and proceeded to drag me out by my hair and slap me around the parking lot. He was drunk, and I didn’t want to get in the truck with him. Needless to say I did anyway.
    One evening, he came home from work, and supper was not on the table yet. I was trying to make gravy for the first time in my life. I was on the phone with my Grandmother to get directions, when suddenly my ears got boxed from behind. The phone was on my left ear, and my ear started bleeding.
    I thought to myself, I don’t want a life with a husband like my Dad gave to my Mother. So, I left the first chance I got with nothing but the clothes on my back, walking through the big city.
    He found me two weeks later, and tried to run me over, and said he was going to kill me. He reached into the truck for his hunting rifle when his best friend came outside. He slammed me into a few cars in the parking lot of the apartment complex my friend lived in. His friend did not even try to help me.Finally the drama was over. My Mother had me press charges, and the marriage was annulled. We had no children, and I wanted nothing from that marriage.

  13. I think telling my testimony is one of the hardest things I’ve done.
    Last night, while trying to fall asleep, I closed my eyes and saw myself drowning.
    It is My earliest childhood memory. I was almost two years old, wearing nothing but a cloth diaper and plastic pants over it. Me and my brother were playing in the grass on the side of the road. It was an isolated area on a bayou or river. We were with my Dad and his girlfriend (later became my step-Mother) for the weekend. There was a short pier there. I was afraid of the water, so I stayed away from it, staying near the automobile. My Dad picked me up, and walked out on that pier. My little hands were clutching to him for life. My legs too. I was scared to death. Suddenly he held me out over the water as I kicked and screamed, trying to find safety in my Dad’s big arms again. With a swing of those big arms, he let go. I remember my legs kicking hard in the water and arms flailing about, but I took in a lot of water because I was crying so hard, and the cloth diaper was heavy to my little body, so I went under immediately. I so vividly remember the brackish water, darkness beneath, light above, but out of my reach as I sank toward the bottom, eyes wide open as it became darker.
    Then Dad threw my brother right on top of my head Bubba didn’t know how to swim either, I remember a faint yell as brother panicked, and then a kick in the face. The next thing I remember, was being in my Aunt’s arms, and my Uncle sounding angry.

  14. Heavenly Father,

    I was the eyes and ears of the church, but was not given a mouth. Set Apart as I was betrayed and profaned. I cannot cast my pearls to be trampled by those seeking my death.

    I pray mercy and grace for Egypt, my people. We had the ten laws in our school houses, and in our court houses. They removed them and released all kinds of evils in the land. Our forefathers lied to us, teaching falseness instead of your appointed times.
    There is little understanding in this land.
    They prepare for that they do not know, and have never seen. They call evil good and good evil. They follow The son of the father’s instead of the Son of The Father. Rebellious children awaiting their parents death so they can practice wickedness.
    LGBTQ and all sorts of nastiness.
    Father in Heaven is Zedek, Righteousness is the path. The Son is The Door we walk through along the Narrow path,
    We are led to the slaughter by the deceiver, but we sing Glory To The Name.

    Keep your set apart spirit safe, you are my hedge of protection in the valley of darkness. You light up my path in the darkest of days.
    Give me those you know and lead us out of darkness and into the Lions den where our children are our pride and your law we put forth and not the law of man. For man has become puffed up, and full of leaven.

    Have mercy Father in Heaven, for they know not what they do. I cannot vote when I already have a Righteous Creator who made me in His image. I did not ask for Caeser, but some of these did. I do not follow Babylon or her wicked ways. I have repented of that which does not please my Heavenly Father. I comfort the elderly and have cared for strangers in my home, clothed the naked and fed the poor. I have saved children by helping Mother’s get their children back. I know there are others like me in this land. Put us together, so we can stand. For Righteousness sake, for there is no Righteous man.
    Zedek is outside of time, bring your light into this dark spiritual realm for you light up my life like no other, so now light up all the others.

    It was said I had one year to prepare, but for what, was never said , Only The Father can ready the two edged sword in my mouth. I care not what man can do to my body, but seek and fear The One who can destroy both. This is the beginning of wisdom. The Set Apart One is my guide, my life and my heart. The Set Apart One already knows this. Righteousness reigns. Always and forever. Amein.

    Father of Righteousness:

    He knows my words,
    He knows my thoughts,
    He knows my sins and my regrets,
    He knows my getting up, and my lying down,
    He knows my heart,
    He knows me.
    He is my Father,
    He is my Light,
    He knows what I do every day.
    He knows me.
    Praise His Name Forever

  15. The Stigmata:

    The term Stigmata is Latin in it’s origin.
    They say a person that has the Stigmata are those that have the marks of the Christ.

    There is only one Messiah that was crucified. The nails were put in his wrists and feet.

    When a person is crucified on a cross with his hands reaching toward heaven, the nails must be placed in the wrist in order to hold their weight. The palms would simply tear through.

    When a person is hung on a cross upside down, the nails must be in the palm in order to hold their weight.

    Peter, who they say was hung upside down, would have been nailed in the palms. Paul said he bore the Stigmata himself. However, there can only be one Messiah, not two, much less three.

    We are to worship Our Heavenly Father, not the church father’s.
    We are temples made without hands which hold The Set Apart Spirit of Righteousness, and we exist outside of time, and we have no need for temples made with hands, for those are for them that are of this world inside time.

    Come out of her My people, for her sins have reached heaven and are a stench to My nostrils.

    Melchi-Zedek made the earth and all that is in it for Adam and Eve. It is to them and their children the earth belong.
    The first Adam was an evil hermaphrodite that came into the garden and planted a bad seed, and by his voodoo magic deceived the second Adam and his wife.

    As the second Adam died for their sins , the second Eve crushed The Serpents head.
    It is a Brave new Morning full of Grace. Death has no sting and the tares will soon be gone from the earth. Evil will not exist anymore.

    Praise be to The King of Righteousness who walked in the garden with us in the beginning. I am naked before him and not ashamed. Amein.

  16. Saving The Children?

    Are they truly saving the children? Or, are the evil one’s releasing the B.E.K.’s?
    We all know the creepers of the elite class and their minions in Big Pharma have been into genetic modification of all kinds, as well as cloning.
    Some say it is the “paranormal”, or “conspiracy theory” as the U.S. government has labeled everything they do with their laundered tax dollars and black ops false flags.
    As Q always says, investigate it for yourself and form your own opinion based on what facts there are and eye witnesses.

    All of it puts me in mind of the children under the White House in Washington DC.

    Here’s a link to get you started.

  17. ICQ as a False prophet.
    A.I. an artificial god.
    Pentagram practices will go to the lake of fire along with their Ma(ny)-trix.
    My tongue is a two edged sword that slices, dices, and cuts asunder these evil spirits and sends them there.
    Fear NO Evil
    Praise be to Melchi-Zedek!
    The Mill-stone has been cast down by the angel over the pit, He is a destroyer.
    Get ready, Old Nick, you are going down.

    In The Name of Righteousness
    Amein, YHUH the Righteous reigns.
    The Set-Apart Spirit reigns!
    The Obama-Nation has ceased to exist. I crushed that mockers head!
    Let all of heaven sing Glory to The Name of The Set-Apart Father, The Set-Apart Son, and The Set-Apart Spirit that rules on The Throne of My Heart.

  18. Father Time has become a great mountain. He refuses to bow to man. He gave them the language of the fallen angels. He judges the man that will not bow to him. He is the god of this world, and is not righteous in his ways. He charges people just to speak with him. He wants you to buy the right to breathe. He does not wash the feet of his fellow man. He is puffed up with pride in the most wicked way. Full of works like the clock he is. He gives you a manifest instead of a manna-feast. His claims of being the potter are false claims. He is the Great mountain that moved when he saw the Lamb with seven horns and seven eyes, but he is not the Word he wants to be. He created the matrix he tends to use as the books that will be opened. He is NOT righteous but sells souls into death. His name is Satan, and he knows his TIME IS SHORT.

    Life has been created and given freely from Melek Zedek, Melchi-Zedek. Already bought and paid for by His own blood. He walked in the garden with Adam and Eve. He promised the earth to them and their children in the beginning. Money was never involved in this transaction nor will it ever be.

    If you want to truly be free, all you have to do is carry your cross along the Narrow path and grace will open the Door to Melchi-Zedek. Make sure you don’t get caught up in the teeth, break the curse of the one that is good and evil, that is Satan, Saturn, the hellion that wants to rule the world.

    Shabbat/Sabbath was created for man, Not man for the Sabbath. Conquer the angel that would not bow to man that wants everyone to worship him as the potter. The angel that has a love for money. Shabbat/ Sabbath/ Shabbatei, belongs to The Lamb with seven horns and seven eyes, and that is Me, and anyone else that carries their cross, guarding the ten commands the best they can, and walks through the Door. If you fall along the way, repent and Melchi-Zedek will pick you up.

    Do not worship false god’s, but The King of Righteousness that is outside of time. He is not a man, but the Creator of man.

    I have no concept of time anymore.

    Don’t call on God, it is only a title, you are all god’s. Call on Melchi-Zedek.
    God/ Gad/Gaud/Gawd/Gotta, all of these are the god of luck, fame, and fortune.

    Don’t call on the Lord, Lord/LORD, these all come from the word Ba’al/Bel/Bul. It means Lord, Master, Husband. His children are passed through the fire.

    I rest in Melchi-Zedek and I overcame the angel that only a child of Jacob can supplant.

    Glory to Melchi-Zedek


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