Bloody Hill


Break Point – Nino Rodriguez interviews Juan O Savin

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  1. Juan is saying that Life is not Fair. The Universe does not care. Physics rules the Universe and Biology rules life. He says that no one can exceed their own limits but that each of us is responsible for our own happiness. He also is saying that there is always a Choice. He says that it is impossible to change the character of another person. But within these Facts, he understands and tells us that we survive because of our American nature. I do have Faith in God. I see that the corruption and graft, the manipulations and controls are hopelessly cooked against the ordinary human being. Will God let millions die? Certainly. Mankind must rally but leaders must lead to the point of overt visibility. I understand the Facts of Life as well as the “Author of the 3 articles”. Juan knows what I mean. Consequences for indifference? Pray…and take responsibility for the world.