Bloody Hill

Bloody Hill

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The Seven Abominations of January Sixth
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  1. So pleased “Bloody Hill” has been released. I have begun watching this very important film about five times –only to lose the connection at about 5:20 minutes. Last time connection lost at about 7 minutes. This is unusual on my equipment and at my location. Hoping it’s only because so many are seeking to view.
    Will continue to try to see the entire film. Well worth the wait; it’s brilliant!

    1. I’m having the same problem, the connection seems to keep buffering, normally my connection runs seamlessly but when it comes to videos like this, is the only time the signal and or video get interference of some sort, it’s def very sketchy

  2. Love it! Thanks so much!! At least what I’ve seen so far. It cuts off about 10 mins into chapter 2. Will keep watching to see the rest.

    1. It is always a good idea to CLEAR your browser CACHE. That often is a simple fix for many problems. You do NOT need to CLEAR anything else, ONLY the CACHE. If you are using a mobile device (phone) you may need to totally power the device down, leave it off of 20 seconds or so and then power the device on. Mobile devices handle CACHE and TEMP storage quite a bit different than other devices.

    1. Are you also watching the movie on a phone? Power the phone off, wait 20 seconds then power on. You need to clear the phones temporary storage so that there is enough buffer space for the movie…

  3. I am having trouble getting the video to move forward. Tried over and over tonight. I was using my IPhone. Will stop and try again tomorrow. Can’t wait to see it. Thank you for all you are doing to get the message out to the world!
    Gramma jen

    1. I have been watching the video over and over again, all day long to ensure that we are not having problems. I have not seen any problems at all. It is a large movie… so you should probably power the phone all the way down, leave it off for 20-30 seconds then power back on. Then try to view the movie.

  4. Truth! I’ve said from the beginning of the pandemic that we are in a war between good and evil and this movie is more evidence of how Satan has been able to get so many to do his work. I find it hard to believe there are still so many that cannot see the infiltration and complete takeover of our government, media, academics, religion, due process of law, etc. I’ve been censored and silenced and pray our enemies see the error of their ways while they still have time. This movie shows the true intent of freedom loving people and they do not participate in hate and evil. They stand together in peace, with kindness and joyful to share their love of country with like-minded people. We must continue to stand strong together. God will help us if we help each other.

  5. Thank you, Juan and everyone who worked so hard to get this amazing video out to the American people so that the real truth of what happened on January 6th is known. I’ve been sharing this video on all of my social sites far and wide. Keep the faith, and thank you again for all you do for the American people and our beloved country!

  6. Excellent film. Thank you once again Juan for putting this film together for the American people to see. I will share this everywhere and hope others will do the same. We have had enough of the lies! The sleeping giant has awakened! We the people have the power to do the unthinkable. Remember: STRENGTH IN NUMBERS! Power to the people! We can DO THIS! Now let’s GO and do what is needed to SAVE OUR COUNTRY! ❤️

  7. Yup having the same issues with it loading and stopping – I’ll try turning the phone on and off but it doesn’t seem to be working for others. Maybe I’ll get lucky will let you know.

    Ps LOVE THE RELEASE DATE! 23yrs Later

  8. Is it not playing bc I don’t have a paid membership? Bc unlike everyone else mine won’t play period it won’t even start! It never leaves 0 Ive turned phone off left off for a minute or two just to make sure 2x I’ve cleared done extra storage for it by deleting some of my videos and pictures etc I tried last night and I’m back trying it again today and still doing the same thing which is nothing! I greatly appreciate any insight on how I can successfully watch this highly anticipated movie, Thank you In advance!

  9. Fantastic! Thank you to all involved in creating this great documentary. Praying for all of those prisoners and their families, all those being persecuted! Father God thank you for your mercy and grace. Thank you for hearing our prayers, our cries as you have told us so. Thank you for your precious son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus. Please show me and all your children what we can do to help these Jan 6 prisoners of war and their families. I ask for your divine intervention to bring this country back to following you so that we can be a light to the rest of the world. Thank you Father. In Jesus name. Amen.

  10. Outstanding job once again! I’ll be sure to spread the word this weekend in Vegas! I think we should all be talking about this on our platforms! It’s absolutely absurd this is happening in America right now & I’m sure they feel like they’ve been forgotten by the outside! This should make a difference! The Truther Tour is the same place as the Patriot Double Down in October… maybe we’ll get a surprise visit there too! Love, Light & Protection to all!

  11. Bloody Hill is important for it’s accurate content but also as a document they will not be able to scrub from existence. Hopefully in the near future Bloody Hill will also help vindicate the J6 victims.

  12. It looks like everyone is having a hard time trying to watch without the video cutting out every five minutes or so. Hopefully I can get through watching the whole video. Please look into the problem.

    1. Yes. This is an excellent. I will share it to everyone I come across….grocery store, dentist, church etc. May God Bless All Who Put This Together✝️❤️

  13. Praying for those wrongly accused and suffering. My heart hurts for them and their families. I turkey hope the “Good Guys” win this fight and our country wakes up to the evil and corruption surrounding it for decades!